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Wyvern Squadron

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with characters trying to fight against alien invaders. Although a main story line exists in anime and literature about the 1st Robotech War, the PCs are part of a secondary story of after the war is over, but before the REF launches into space. All players will choose their own O.C.C. with mecha assigned by the GM; everyone will start with a Veritech VF-1A Fighter or Excalibur Destroid. Humans are the only race allowed, to mitigate the issue with clones and hybrids. Experience points are awarded based on gameplay, not just killing enemies. Levels are not listed below, but all characters should stay in a familiar grouping. Alignments are limited to any non-Evil alignments.

Corporal Chandler Fox [Carl]

Human male scrupulous Destroid pilot 3

Call-sign "Hunchback", he is the first two siblings fought and died in the Robotech War, he is the last brother.

Private First Class Naomi Kincaid [Lisa]

Human female scrupulous Veritech pilot 1

Call-sign "Looker", she is trying to find her place in man's world, she is green as she is eager.

Private First Class Ronald Nelson [John]

Human male scrupulous Veritech pilot 3

Call-sign "Blaze", he loves to party and to fight, this is classic Fighter Ace potential.

2nd Lieutenant Wendell Riggins [Eric]

Human male unprincipled military specialist 2

Call-sign "Vapor", knowing more than he should, perhaps therefore he was sent to Mars.

Wyvern Squadron

RDF Veritech Fighter wing (scrupulous)

Audentes Fortuna Juvat ("Forturne Favors the Brave") this group included PCs, with Cpls. Abaza and Alaimo.

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