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Places of Note

The main plot of the campaign revolved around the encounters taking place in the great Houston-area. Although other cities, towns, and countries might be mentioned, there were beyond the scope of the campaign, and considered non-essential to moving the plot along. A map was created to give the players a visual aspect of where different adventures occurred. The characters had easy access to the major points on the map when using standard transportation, but over avenues of movement might be available depending on their abilities. All of the party members have lived here for many years and have a basic familiarity to the area.

Houston, Texas

A Stych-In-Time

A Stych-In-Time is a curios shop owned by Adrian Veidekke, secretly an elven arch-mage. In the backroom is a hidden stairwell leading down into an extra-dimensional space to the former dragon horde of Nightshade. 


Galveston is a coastal resort city and port off the southeast coast on Galveston Island and Pelican Island in the U.S. state of Texas. Halloween's base of operations was found out by the vigilantes and his group was defeated.

Hobbit Cafe

Hobbit Cafe is a locally-loved eatery for sandwiches, burgers & vegetarian grub under a giant oak tree since 1972. In the back, several area magic users and dimensional being used an extra-planar entrance for a private space of like-minded entities.


Houston is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay, and is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas, fourth most populous city in the United States, most populous city in the Southern United States, as well as the sixth most populous in North America.


Katy was a railroad town along the Missouri–Kansas–Texas (MKT) Railroad which ran parallel to U.S. Route 90 (today Interstate 10) into Downtown Houston but has expanded to one of the area's largest suburbs. West of the city, a trans-dimensional rift opened creating a dome which trapped much of the population and leaving them to be tormented by their Brodkil captors.

The Man Hole - gay bar

Stuff Mart

It looks like you could use some stuff!

The Man Hole

Often mentioned but never visited, this is Houston's premiere gay bar.

Houston, Texas by Snazzy Maps

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