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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with characters acting as the underbelly of the city.

Charles Gagnon [David]

Human male street operative [81 points]

Charles Gagnon was born in Versailles, southwest of Paris (later renamed Neo-Paris) in 2010, to Louis and Camille Gagnon, both who were struggling French artists. Gagnon was raised in a two-story house in Le Havre, France with his four siblings, which included two brothers and two sisters. His uncle, Pierre Gagnon, made quick an impact during family visits on the impressionable youth, and young Charles was beholden to the affluence and resources his uncle seemed to have in comparison to his own family. At an early age, Charles learned it was his uncle, who, through much protestation by his parents, purchased the house he lived in as his parents often struggled to make ends meet. Under advisement by his uncle to help the family with their finances, Charles attended Paris Military Academy in his youth, sponsored by Uncle Pierre. After graduating school, his uncle helped Charles obtain a business degree from the University of Paris, then after graduating, helped him start a trucking business, Fleur-de-lis Trucking Company. With the success of his business, the trucking company was sold to FPS (French Postal Service), and his uncle began to further integrate Gagnon into syndicate activities, first naming him owner of the Crazy Horse Casino, then further involving him in the underworld of Neo-Paris.

Billy Gastone [Mark]

Human male hacker [76 points]

William Gastone (also known as Wraith) was born in Ajaccio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica in 2009. When he was five, his parents separated, and he lived with his mother after she had won a lengthy battle for primary custody. Every fourth weekend, he would stay at his father's condo in Porto-Vecchio. He felt isolated from his friends back home and troubled by the separation of his parents, so his father purchased him his own Hypernet portal at the age of six. Wanting more access online, he eventually negotiated with his mother that he wanted to spend more time with his father, and eventually, he visited this father every weekend. In December 2025, Gastone targeted online search engine Ask Alfred with a project he called Kakumei, meaning "revolution" in Japanese. Kakumei was a malicious AI-based malware attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of the Ask Alfred servers and services by overwhelming its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Hypernet traffic. Ask Alfred servers became overloaded with different types of communications to the point where they become responsive to commands and were shut down for almost an hour. Later, Gastone attempted website attacks on Apple, Macrosoft, FOL (France OnLine), and US Today via Kakumei over the next week. During his trial, Gastone claimed that the attacks had been launched unwittingly, after inputting known addresses in a security tool he modified from a file repository online, developed by Oxcraig Communications. Gastone initially denied responsibility but later pleaded guilty to most of the charges brought against him. The Judiciary of France sentenced him to one year of probation, restricted use of the Internet, and a small fine. When he was finished with his punishment, members of the Gagnon Syndicate recruited him to work for them by stealing from online banks.

Sean Patrick Killarny [Andy]

Human male soldier [56 points]

Sean Patrick Killarney was born in Belfast in 2012 to Ruairí and Patsy Killarney; the eldest of four children. He was born into an era of renewed conflict between Protestants and Catholics, eighteen years after the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. At a young age, after experiencing harassment and intimidation from their neighbors, the family abandoned their home and moved in with friends for six months before finding housing in Milltown. By 2024, sectarian violence in Milltown, along with the rest of the Belfast metropolitan area, had considerably worsened, and the minority Catholic population there found itself again under siege. Despite always having had Protestant friends, Killarney suddenly found that none of them would even speak to him, and he quickly learned to associate only with Catholics. He left school in 2027 at age 15, and enrolled in Belfast Metropolitan College, where he studied for less than a year, enduring constant harassment from Protestant students, as he wished to learn a meaningful degree. At one point, a fellow student held him at gunpoint after class and told him that Belfast was off-limits to never come back if he valued his life. It was this event where he decided that militancy was the only solution. In 2029, while working as a bartender, Killarney approached a man who he knew to be connected to the IRA and told him he would like to join. As an initiation, he asked Killarney to transport a cache of explosives from Belfast to Dublin because the local IRA volunteer who was supposed to do the job had failed to show up. Killarney transport was successful and his involvement with the IRA began in earnest. He soon recruited some of his friends into a small unit of about six or seven volunteers with Killarney as their section leader. His team performed small jobs, learning how to be better soldiers for the cause. Killarney was arrested and charged in October 2030 with possession of four military rifles, found in the house where he was staying, was sentenced to five years imprisonment, then released in April 2033. Upon his release, he resumed his active role in the IRA, and planned the bombing of the Merchant Hotel in October 2033. The main floor was destroyed but he left the scene, there was a gun battle with the local constabulary. With his co-conspirators shot dead, he escaped by car, and fled to the Belfast docks, sneaking aboard a French container ship; coincidentally, transporting illegal arms for the Gagnon Syndicate. Found aboard by associates of Charles Gagnon, he was interrogated as a possible police informant, but was later offered a job in the Neo-Paris underworld to further use his unique set of skills.

Elizabeth Longe [Gloria]

Human female agent [83 points]

Longe was born and raised in Monaco, a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera. Her father was a pediatrician, and her mother was a primary school teacher. In 2016, their marriage ended in divorce when Elizabeth was only five, and she continued to live with her mother and three younger sisters: Aimée, Kimberley, and Shannon. Her two brothers (Jessé and Jacques) went on to live with her father. At the age of 20, Longe began managing a prostitution ring under Madam Zoé after meeting her when she was eighteen in 2019 via Longe's then amateur film-director boyfriend. During this time, Zoé treated her as the daughter she loved and hated, with an abusive and loving relationship. Longe worked as a prostitute for a short period to learn all aspects of the occupation and learning to take over Zoé's business. However, there was a labor shortage, as most of Zoé's prostitutes were approaching middle age and setting their sights on retiring from prostitution. Zoé tasked Longe with revitalizing the business by recruiting a new batch of young, attractive women. In 2031, Longe severed her links with Madam Zoé and began her own prostitution ring, making her first million Euro-dollars after only four months in the business as a madam. However, 20 months later, she was arrested for multiple charges, including attempted pandering and tax evasion. Before she could be brought to justice, she was made an offer even she could not refuse: go to trial and receive a lengthy prison sentence, or work for the Gagnon Syndicate and the charges against her would disappear. Choosing latter, Longe moved to Neo-Paris, where she was subjected to augmentative surgery to install various bio-wear implants to enhance her combat abilities along with a hidden cybernetic throat tentacle, for use in assassinations. Looking for an asset to track on the newest member of the Gagnon Syndicate, Charles Gagnon, Longe was assigned to him as a consort, bodyguard, and confidant.

Mayi Screwham [Carol]

Human female reporter [62 points]

Mayi Screwham was born in 2009 and grew up in a Jewish family in Strasbourg, attending Lycée International des Pontonniers secondary school. Wanting to see the world, she moved to Paris. She graduated from Sorbonne University receiving the accolade of Chercheur Universitaire and was an executive editor of the student newspaper, The Digital Mirror. Her colleagues at The Digital Mirror included Caroline D'Antoni, daughter of Phillip D'Antoni, a noted figure in the French underworld, and Gabriel Castaner, currently the chief network critic for Le Monde. After her 2031 graduation from the Sorbonne University, Screwham joined Marie Claire in 2032 as an editorial assistant. Soon after, the 23-year-old Screwham advanced to writing features. While employed full-time at Marie Claire, she also wrote for other digital magazines including France Magazine, Paris Match, Vogue France, Elle and contributed to a Radio France Internationale (RFI) weekly hour-long broadcast called That Spicy Beignet. Popular as she was, she craved the revitalized Neo-Paris mentality of style over substance, and while the work was plenty, she began to take more chances and entertain a lifestyle above her financial status. Eventually, a series of bad decisions left her in debt to loan-sharks leading her more than once to facing down the barrel of an auto-pistol. Her saving grace was the Gagnon Syndicate who erased her debts but made her an asset for the French underworld. With the new outlook of Charles Gagnon brought to his uncle, style over substance also included control of the story, and Screwham works to frame, dismiss, and besmirch the news in favor of those who work above the law.

Jacques Toulouse [J.D.]

Boomer Man male in Terrorist Boomer body [81 points]

The boomer known as Jacques was created under the identification number BM-102626J6D6L6572, with his online activation occurring at the GENOM Boomer production facility in Neo-Tokyo, Japan during early 2032. As part of the new line of European boomers, BM-102626J6D6L6572 was slated for civilian use although each model had certain military capabilities installed in each base model of Boomers. He was purchased by the family of Emmanuel Le Maire, as a domestic companion for his wife, Julia, and their children, Éléanor and Désirée. However, expectations did not meet reality, and it became quickly apparent that Jacques (named after the family's deceased house pet) did not provide the possibilities as originally imagined. In the end, Jacques spent copious hours watching television and logging into the Hypernet, along with base chores around the house. It was during this media gathering that it was suspected that Jacques inadvertently downloaded a malware program that compromised his programming, leaving him vulnerable to human stimuli. Unexpectedly, the constant stream of media (both good and bad) corrupted his base programming, creating new neural links to fashion a growth-based artificial intelligence and promoting a more open-ended view on mortality in his programming. With his new views on life and his greater understanding of humanity, his lack of decorum became more evident when he (rightly) accused Mr. Le Maire of infidelity, after his owner came home in a drunken and belligerent state, resulting in a physical altercation that left Le Maire with a visit to a hospital emergency room. Thankful for Jacques, but fearful about French laws about Boomer violence, Julia deprogrammed the restraining chip, removing his designation as Le Maire property, and encouraged Jacques to flee. Some time passed with Jacques being left to his own on the streets of Neo-Paris, and he soon found work as a bouncer for several bars on the rougher areas of the Seine. His flexibility on relationships led to his connection with French underworld after defending a bar owner who was being extorted by a local thug. A free-thinking boomer with questionable morals became the talk amongst the syndicates, with the Gagnon family making the first move to offer Jacques a place with their organization. Soon after, he became an associate of Charles Gagnon.

Charles Gagnon by Igor Esaulov, Billy Gastone by Thomas Diana, Sean Patrick Killarny by Alexandra Albu, Elizabeth Longe by Khalil Snani, Mayi Screwham by Ekaterina Kurenkova, and Jacques Toulouse by Jenny Jarzabski

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