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Full Circle

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with character just trying to survive the harsh environment when away from civilization. At the outset of the campaign, each player will start with one character. All players will roll randomly on the background charts for up to three opportunities to determine which path their character might take. Disadvantages for additional points will also be rolled, but once dice are tossed, the results are final. Humans are highly recommended as Kaldor is not known for its non-human folk; save this for when playing Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike other level based campaigns, a level "floor" is unavailable as skill increases stem from actual game play.

Captain Excelsior [Brett]

Human male scrupulous master psionic 3

industrialist John Germain was lost through a dimensional rift.

Crimson Spider [Mark]

Human male scrupulous experiment 4

cliché, but Dr. James Bartlett was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider.

Crusader [Chris]

Human male scrupulous mutant 6

Dr. Charles Fisk activated his Healing Factor while creating a new artificial skin.

The Eye [Brett #2]

Human male scrupulous super sleuth 4

wearing armor from Germain, he investigates those who feel they are above the law.

Golden Phoenix [Rayana]

Human female unprincipled mystic bestowed 5

Felicia Long changes into a new form from the mystic amulet given by aunt Chin Lee.

Greenpeace [J.D. #3]

Human male anarchist mystic study 11

known as Dr. John Littletree and from another Earth, he is still a mad scientist.

Lightning [Leigh]

Human female anarchist experiment 10

Jane Smith alters her atoms for speed and shapeshifting after energy explosion.

Dr. Ian James Lovecroft [David #1.5]

Human male aberrant normal human 3

a temporary split from his Silverhawk alter-ego, he thwarts the Justicars for a short while.

The Rook [Jason]

Human male unprincipled natural genius 13

Julian Armand uses his wits to fight and to acquire finances from dead PCs.

Shade [Joe]

Human male unprincipled mutant 10

Sean Shadel uses his Alter Physical Structure: Smoke to get into difficult places.

Silverhawk [David]

Human male scrupulous experiment 13

Dr. Ian James Lovecroft was exposed to an alien power, in a Peru archaeology dig.

Steel [J.D.]

Human male scrupulous robot (cyborg) 3

Dr. Victor Borja diseased body is converted into a completely automated machine.

Tempest [David #2]

Human male unprincipled physical training 3

a black-ops mole placed in the Justicars to support and report their activities.

Theena [J.D. #2]

Chorux female anarchist alien 7

a Chorux military commander, she is deadly in Alter Physical Structure: Plasma form.

Thunderstrike [Jerry]

Human male unprincipled experiment 10

Dr. Wilson Cooler was exposed to cosmic energy while creating the Flux Engine.

Valkyrie [Gloria]

Asgardian female scrupulous alien 13

sent from Asgard, this shield-maiden lives in Houston under the guise of Dr. Linda Hunt.

Captain Excelsior by Yvan Quinet, Crimson Spider by Stable Diffusion, Crusader by Jose Manuel Quiroz, The Eye by Yvan Quinet, Golden Phoenix by Robert Crescenzio, Greenpeace by Daniel Quero, Lightning by Eduardo Francisco, Dr. Ian James Lovecroft by Ertaç Altınöz, The Rook by Tim Harris, Shade by Tim Harris, Silverhawk by Fernando Peniche, Steel by Yvan Quinet, Tempest by Jose Manuel Quiroz, Theena by Nathan Park, Thunderstrike by Martin Malchev, Valkyrie by Taisa Kislova

All artwork falls under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.