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Sins of the Past

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Places of Note

The main plot of the campaign revolved around the encounters taking place in the Grand Duchy of Valderin and other extradimensional locales. Although other cities, duchies, and countries might be mentioned, there were beyond the scope of the campaign, and considered non-essential to moving the plot along. A map was created to give the players a visual aspect of where their characters are traveling to and from. Individual towns and cities were not mapped out, and general information was given to flesh out the campaign. Most towns were based upon a star-shaped wheel spoke, as the first settlers decided this would be the best arrangement. Altercations would happen in cities and towns, as well as out in the wilds of Valderin. The characters had easy access to the major points on the map when using the Royal Road, which did not hamper the party with movement penalties. All the party members were new to the area and would seek out those NPCs in each locale that best suited their character’s goals. Much of the area had gone through some sort of change since the Cursed Earth campaign: population centers had grown and shrunk, formerly wild areas had been cleared for farming, and several areas infested by monster races had been redeveloped for human use. Not all of the unfound secrets of the past campaigns had been unearthed and there were still many mysteries surrounding the land.

The Grand Duchy of Valderin


Avyosos (not shown) is a domain of dread controlled by Saffat, a crazed marid cursed to live there after defiling a locathah holy site dedicated to Eadro. This realm shared aspects of the Shadowfell and the Elemental Plane of Water, trapping unsuspecting sailors and adventurers when they were lured into the domain. The one caveat was that some denizens found that they could leave the plane if another soul exchanged its place. The PCs found groups of humans, merfolk, merrow, sahuagin, sea elves, sea hags, and several dimensional entities living here looking for a way to return to their home dimension. Eventually, the Dark Tide does escape after finding a hidden dimensional passage guarded by a minor kraken.


Baeldictum is volcanic island located just east of the Bay of Valderin. The island is a tilted fault block, characterized by the contrast between the eastern half, consisting mostly of rugged crags parallel to the west coast, and the flat to gently rolling plains of the western half, where the majority of Baeldictum's population reside. The only notable settlement on the island is the city of Melekure, considered evil and to be avoided. Farms to the east of the city provide food stuffs allowing the city to thrive. One notable farmstead is run by Karlitis Ferrara, whose daughter is Utica, a later member of the Dark Tide.

Barthen Keep

Barthen Keep (not shown) is a southern military fortification used as a means to begin land surveying for the creation of a future duchy. The PCs travel to this area due south from Jutesgrove through the Fanderword Forest, and are under the employ of Natali Bersk, the commander of the keep. Several times during the course of the campaign, this establishment is set upon by monster races inhabiting the Wicked Valley: a ravine five miles south of the keep. Many years later, after their imprisonment and subsequent journey back to Valderin, the Dark Tide returns to the keep finding it burned down and destroyed by an unknown force.


Celesthem is a metropolis in the barony of Aloraghen, and is considered the largest city in Valderin. The PCs are arrested here, accused of crimes against the overlord, and are sent away to prison on the Isle of Bellorux. Much of the campaign focuses on the PCs desire to return to Celesthem and deal with Emmitt Ironhall for the false charges made again them. After their return to Valderin, the Dark Tide investigates the city, finding a secret home of vampire Lewellan Alfynar under the Black Bear theater, leading to evidence of Ironhall faking his death and relocating near Crystal Pine Mountain; also called "The Ironhall Gambit". Near the end of the campaign, a handful of PCs did return for supplies and information, but several high-ranking members of the underworld recognize the party before they escape.

Crystal Pine Mountain

Crystal Pine Mountain is a peak in the Massif of Pantreath. Held sacred by the Hallowed Hundred, the Dark Tide soon found this area to be home to a crashed spaceship near the peak. The remnants of the alien crew had turned mostly to dust, but their technology was used by Emmitt Ironhall (and Zellix the mind flayer) to subjugate the monsterfolk of the area. Eventually, the top of the mountain was destroyed when the main engine was deactivated by the PCs.


Enstol is a small city on western part of Valderin. The Dark Tide visited this area and discovered a place to rest for the short-term before heading off to Crystal Pine Mountain. Later, the Dark Tide helped transport Esterpond refugees to the city. Near the end of the campaign, the Dark Tide protected the city from the frost giant surge from the western mountains.


Erx is a goblin hovel found in the Fanderword Forest. This area is home to the Filthy Rotter goblin tribe, led by Voddrid. The Dark Tide worked with these desperate goblins to fight off the frost giant surge and protect their lands.


Esterpond is a village on the western part of Valderin, known for its wealthy families. The town was razed by frost giants recently released from the sway of the Hallowed Hundred. The surviving citizens were evacuated to Enstol by the Dark Tide. The PCs returned later to find the remainder of the town obliterated by a tarrasque.

Fairwind Keep

Fairwind Keep is a settlement in the Massif of Pantreath, near Crystal Pine Mountain. Originally purchased by Rolland Inkrot for a reprieve from the political fallout in Celesthem because of the Ironhall Gambit, the Dark Tide sacked the keep destroying Inkrot, now in the form of a demilich. The site was refurbished and used as the temporary headquarters of the Dark Tide, with Aryax acting as the reeve.


Felspar is a village in the barony of Fanderword. After their return to Valderin, the Dark Tide investigates the location of the Laughing Knight and the Stormjesters, finding some clues to believe they are closer to Esterpond. While in town, the PCs are seen as criminals, but the local leadership does not push the matter as they realize how underpowered they are compared to the Dark Tide. After releasing the alien influence of the local monsterfolk, the town is decimated by raiding frost giants. The village is abandoned after the Dark Tide removed any remaining refugees and resettled them in Jutesgrove.


Freygate is a village on the northern tip of the isthmus of Aloraghen. The Dark Tide made their final move to capture Emmitt Ironhall at Hartington Keep, but were themselves forced to surrender to Utica, who was intent upon bringing them to justice. Kor put the safety of the party above his own needs and surrendered, with only Lia staying behind for arrest. The remaining party members escaped and fled back to Melekure unharmed.

Isle of Bellorux

Also known as Bellorux Prison (not shown), this hidden penitentiary was created atop an extinct lava hotspot in the Ocean Sea, far east off the coast of Valderin. The purpose of this facility is to "send away" those not deemed fit for society, but who have also been spared execution. The typical prisoner is someone of note, someone who is connected in the right way, or someone whom life imprisonment is a better solution than death (and subsequent resurrection), sparing their life to live out a meager existence for the rest of their days. The prison is built directly into the rock of the island and reinforced with magics to strengthen the walls. Three levels of the prison house the prison population: Emergence (minimum security), Bedlam (medium security), and Hell (maximum security). The prison was guarded by a sect of St. Cuthbert monks called the Everwatchers with independent wardens shuttled in and out for various political reasons. The PCs are sent here as part of the Ironhall Gambit, spending seven years of their lives, until cultists of Erythnul accidentally free them. When last seen, the isle was razed by cultist and destroyed by a dragon turtle, leaving it a smoking ruin.


Jutesgrove is a village in the barony of Fanderword. The village is visited multiple times to restock supplies for Barthen Keep with the party staying at The Willing Wench Tavern or Admiral Benbow’s Tavern; Little Sweet enjoyed singing at the former. Travel to the keep went directly south through the Fanderword Forest. Many years later, after their imprisonment and subsequent journey back to Valderin, the Dark Tide arrives in Jutesgrove under the guise of the Longstriders to transport refugees from Felspar and to continue their quest without questions. Coincidentally, the campaign began and ended with excursions to this village.

Karak Dumond

Karak Dumond (not shown) is an abandoned dwarven mining site in the Wicked Valley. Followers of Iuz found this area and made it their home, but did not discover the hidden Vault of Moradin. After the cultists are cleared out, the Dark Tide uses the area as a rest zone to move through southern Valderin.


Mandalay (not shown) is a secret hamlet unsanctioned by the overlord of Gantara. Located south of the Wicked Valley, upon first discovery, it is viewed as a remote establishment for the worshipers of Fharlanghn, but later investigation points to followers of Iuz secretly influencing the town before it is abandoned.


Marsic is a village in the southwestern part of Valderin. The Dark Tide investigated the area while looking for clue to the whereabouts of the Laughing Knight, but found a contingent of kingsguards instead looking for them. After slaughtering the knights, the PCs found need to change their identity to the Longstriders while continuing to investigate the area and defend nearby villages from a frost giant surge.


Of all the locations in Valderin, this city is THE "wretched hive of scum and villainy". Created centuries ago, when the Overlord drove the minions of evil from the mainland of Gantara, pleas of mercy reached the royal leadership, and the decision was made to allow the vile citizens of the continent to find a home rather than be eradicated. The evil city of Melekure is the home of murderers, thieves, demon worshipers, peddlers of vice, and monsters. Here, anyone can find a place to hide, provided they can survive the terrors and dangers that infest the city streets. Physically, Melekure is a diseased, filthy pit of salty depression. The streets are often muddy and choked with garbage, or the odd corpse yet to be claimed by some wandering stranger. The buildings are almost all one-story wooden affairs, with rickety walls, sagging roofs of tarred straw or cracked wood shingles, and doorways consisting of strips of dried seaweed or cheap burlap. Those few buildings that can be construed as permanent are always the homes of powerful individuals. The city is ruled by several factions (but not all evil). Beneath the city, the Triad (the true founders of Melekure) rule life above them.


Ousszynge (not shown) is the Underdark city of the drow, located beneath the island of Baeldictum. With Mrs. Adolphe's help, the Dark Tide escape the dimension of Waytoll, arriving in an area outside of the city. After finding favor with city leadership, the party was allowed to ascend the Great Staircase, entering into the vile city of Melekure.


Steelgate is a small city and seat of leadership for the barony of Merinarn. The smaller sister city of Enstol, the Dark Tide travel with the Destiny Striders to this settlement when both groups chose to travel together while sharing common goals. Later, the PCs make great strides to protect the area from rampaging frost giants of the western mountains.


Tamwick is the fortress city and seat of leadership for the barony of Fanderword. The Dark Tide were searching for the baron, but found the city to be destroyed by the rampaging tarrasque.


Tundon is a small village in southern Valderin which seemed to thrive even though it was in the middle of the frost giant surge. The Dark Tide arrive, finding evidence of worship to Vecna, an outlawed religion, but chose to leave things as is since defeating the tarrasque was their primary goal.

The Vault of Moradin

The Vault of Moradin (not shown) is the name given to a secret burial area located in an unholy area to Iuz, formerly a dwarven settlement named Karak Dumond, located on the southern side of the Wicked Valley. Several times, the PCs used this location as a rest area, first unearthed by Donovan Silvershaper. Later, after Donovan is killed by Jaggadash, Kor lays the body of his friend to rest along with his dwarven allies.


See the secondary map and information below.

The Wicked Valley

The Wicked Valley (not shown) is the nickname given to the low-lying ravine five miles south of Barthen Keep. In this area, a wide variety monsterfolk live in a state of neutrality working in tandem to raid the human settlements in the area. These groups include bugbears raiding for Derr Brokenears, the Dogeater orc tribe, the Hungry Wolves hobgoblin tribe, Kreozig's ogres, the Redbasher goblin tribe, and the Skullclaw orc tribe. When the PCs arrive at Barthen Keep, they fulfill their main assignment of clearing the monsters for the area.

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