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Marvel Super Pets

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Important NPCs

There are several NPCs who are important to the Earth-CC reality.  Although there are many established MCU characters, the scope of this campaign is to reference them, not interact with them. Each has a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters.

Dr. Polypus

Octopus male mutant animal with enhanced intellect and technology augmentation

The pet of the Dr. Octopus.

Supporting NPCs

Ulysses Bloodstone

a monster hunter and wealthy mercenary, he tours his captured bilgesnipe at the Houston Zoo during an enhanced human attack.

Dr. Polypus by RPG Dynamite

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