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Sins of the Past

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Player Characters

The design of the campaign is plot-based, yet character driven, as the PCs might not be the most powerful entities in the land, but the story does revolve around their choices. At the outset of the campaign, each player will start with one character with the Dungeon Master encouraging the players to create characters with meaningful desires, goals, and values. Playable races are available in the Player's Handbook, but additional races must be verified if drawing from other resources. Experience points are awarded depending on level using the tools provided in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Levels are not listed below, but all characters are leveled to stay within at least two levels from the most experienced PC. Characters which have not participated for at least five episodes are not listed. Alignments are limited to any except Lawful Good, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Evil.

Nadia Angstrom [Kristen]

Female human lawful evil death cleric of Wee Jas 18

connected with her deity, divine intervention was regular

Baratath Boldname [Korie #2]

Male brass dragonborn true neutral dragon bloodline sorcerer 5/ pact of the tome warlock 5

consistent with his ideas, inconsistent with the success.

Raijin Duke [Mike]

Male human chaotic neutral tempest cleric of Kord 18

although late to join, he has powerful connection to his deity.

The Dark Tide

Mercenary company (chaotic neutral)

driven by revenge for their false imprisonment, no destination was safe, traveling over land, sea, and extra-dimensional.

Haden Earthadar [Jerry #1]

Male wood elf chaotic good hunter ranger 18

friend and countryman of Lia, he often competed with Aeleth for the most bow kills.

Eraquin Faaldintharrun [David]

Male blue dragonborn lawful evil champion fighter 20

a mystic portal pulled him from Faerûn, depositing him with the party.

Lahraux Ghenkyns [Korie]

Male wood elf chaotic good berserker barbarian 5

some thought him crazy but rushing into a bugbear camp led to his undoing.

Kal-Ra [Joe]

Male black dragonborn chaotic good pact of the tome warlock 18

surrounded by anger, he is the voice of sensibility.

Kor the Raven [Jason]

Male half-orc lawful evil eldritch knight fighter 20

Kor was raised on a small farm a few days’ ride west from Hightower, son of a retired adventuring couple named Molar and Tabitha. His parents were protective but knew their child would face obstacles they could not overcome for him. Often their farm was beleaguered by miscreants and rabblerousers looking to badger the family. One evening while being visited by a former adventuring colleague named Masamar, the farmstead was attacked and Kor lost both of his parents to a band of raiders looking treasure. While defending their home, Tabitha was struck with a mortal wound, and Masamar swore an oath to his dying friend that their child would live within his care. As the years passed and Kor grew stronger during his journeys with Masamar, the half-orc faced distrust and prejudice almost enough to crush his spirit, eventually choosing to bind himself in wrappings so others would judge him by his deeds and not his appearance.

Egg-gar Koribayed [Tommy #1]

Male lizardfolk chaotic neutral berserker barbarian 20

black-white views; if he can't mate with it, he will kill it; if he can kill it, he will eat it.

The Longstriders

Mercenary company (publicly lawful neutral; privately lawful evil)

in order to disguise their presence on Valderin, the Dark Tide took up this name, doing good repelling frost giant raids.

Cae Lynn [Tabitha]

Female half-elf (high-elf) chaotic good valor bard 10

Alorotom is an associate of Bilar Saglot, and joined the Silver Blades after he was freed to bugbear capture.

Lia Moonbeam [Jennifer]

Female wood elf chaotic neutral druid of the moon 20

like her alignment, she is constantly using Wild Shape to take other forms.

A.P. (Aplysidiae Ponds) [Talisa]

Female half-elf (high elf) true neutral valor bard 12

her music skills were only matched by her ability to properly word Wish spells.

Jota Redbasher [James D. #2]

Male goblin neutral good divine soul of Pelor 16

overcoming prejudice, he befriends the party for a short time.

Grace Roberts [Kelli #2]

Female human chaotic good champion fighter 18

AKA the Grace Pirate Roberts, a bandit who is freed from a landlocked life.

Donovan Silvershaper [Tommy]

Male hill dwarf neutral good knowledge cleric of Moradin 8

he was struck down by a hobgoblin lord wielding Blazefury.

Jillian Stripeland [Kelli #1]

Female human lawful neutral paladin of vengeance 16

driven by revenge, she drew a bad card from a Deck of Many Things.

Aeleth Sylmaris [Kristen]

Female half-elf (high elf) chaotic good hunter ranger 16

her insights help the party out of trouble, until their intentions become too dark.

Drax Thorhammer [Jerry #2]

Male human chaotic neutral champion fighter 18

later found to be a clone, he helps the Dark Tide escape Zellix atop Crystal Pine.

Ukko Zephrys [James D. #1]

Male tiefling chaotic neutral rogue 10/valor bard 6/sorcerer 2

if it is not nailed down, it is usually stolen, even from his own friends.

Nadia Angstrom by Annette Pendlebury, Baratath Boldname by Nino Setiawan, Raijin Duke by Tanya Sangsnit, The Dark Tide by James Bates, Haden Earthadar by Leonardo Santanna, Eraquin Faaldintharrun by Kayla Kinsey, Lahraux Ghenkyns by Daniel Scheltema, Kal-Ra by Maichol Quinto, Kor the Raven by FJFT-Art, Egg-gar Koribayed by Johnny Morrow, The Longstriders by Icons8, Cae Lynn by Valeria Dryzhak, Lia Moonbeam by Caio E. Santos, A.P. (Aplysidiae Ponds) by Valeria Lutfullina, Jota Redbasher by Chris Bjors, Grace Roberts by Mert Genccinar, Donovan Silvershaper by Tom Rhodes, Jillian Stripeland by Orniris Terensi, Aeleth Sylmaris by Nathan Park, Drax Thorhammer by Mert Genccinar, Ukko Zephrys by Livia Prima

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