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Full Circle

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Important NPCs of Full Circle

There are several NPCs who are important to the Full Circle campaign. These characters have a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters as reoccurring opportunities to move the plot along or distinct personalities which left an impression upon the players.

The Amazing Ricardo

Human male anarchist commoner 4

self-proclaimed psychic, he attended the C.H.I.M.E.R.A. audition for a Justicar membership, but failed badly.

Asesino Alcaudon

Mercenary company (aberrant)

placed into the Houston area to test their abilities against meta-humans, their activities of these supersoldiers came into conflict with the Justicars.

Black Paladin

Human male diabolic mega-mystic bestowed 4

a former enemy of King Arthur, evil magics resurrect him, prompting a reign of terror in Houston.


Human male unprincipled experiment 5

after injection with irradiated blood, this Justicar is young and impulsive, combined with Extraordinary Speed.


Patua male aberrant mega-alien 12

as all members of the Thermaisan Majest are identical, he relies on his ability to barter, using galactic trade to increase his station.


Demon Lord male alien 15

manipulator and menace, his fixation on Casey Eagan brought Justicar conflict, and led to his dimensional banishment.

C.H.I.M.E.R.A. (Citywide Highly Integrated Metropolitan Emergency Response Agency)

Law enforcement division (scrupulous)

this department delegates investigations and interventions to appropriate agencies such as ESWAT and the Justicars. It's primary function is as an administrative effort to analyze and coordinate Houston's crime situations and the efforts to combat it.

Dark Force

Meta-human team (miscreant)

with a series of bank heists, they lure the Justicars into a trap, through the machinations of Alexander Ireland.

Casey Eagan

Human male mega-mutant 4 with psionic abilities

born with unchecked psionic power, he is taken into Justicar care to keep him away from Brozamul's nefarious plans.


Law enforcement division of Houston police department (scrupulous)

as the final measure to apprehend meta-humans, this group bridges local, state, and federal agencies to stop meta-crime.


Human male miscreant experiment 4 with alter physical structure: water

son of Archibald Ireland, whose father's transformation accidentally gave him Alter Physical Structure: Water

Force Four

Meta-human team (diabolic)

after falsely implicating Intrepid as a villain and killing him, the Justicars travel to Dallas to deal with these false heroes.

Heather Goza

Human female scrupulous commoner 4

leader of the Houston E.S.W.A.T. branch, working closely with the Justicars, even after the death of fiancé, Brice Drew.


Human male anarchist mega-enchanted item(2) 6

archaeology student Frank Andrews traveled the world to find both magical mask pieces, creating one.


Great Horned Dragon hatchling male anarchist alien 4

Pln’ Thnay (AKA Phil Thankfuller) lives to help others, even simple beings like the Justicars.

Hitters Inc.

Meta-human super team (miscreant)

a crew of professional wetwork subcontractors, working for whoever hires them, their conflict with the Justicars killed two heroes.


Human male principled robotics (power armor) 3

Steve Grant's density control and titanium alloy wings promoted him as Justicar in Dallas, but Force Four murdered him.

Khabarin Iqora

Human male diabolic mystic study 10

conflict with Unaxia Summer over the rights to a powerful ley line nexus brought more conflict with the Justicars.

Archibald Ireland

Human male miscreant experiment 10

aged and near death, he uses his riches as a successful industrialist to alter his body into almost pure energy, but succumbs.

Kagemusha Ryuujin

Ninja clan (aberrant)

one of Japan's oldest, this hardline school of assassins, who stress combat over evasion, search for the Thorn of Oblivion with Hitters, Inc.

Timothy Kelly

Human male unprincipled latent psionic 4

Houston director of C.H.I.M.E.R.A. while skyrocketing to the head of leadership, he works with Justicars and ESWAT.

Dr. Detlef Kramer

Human male aberrant commoner 10

a former Nazi scientist hiding in Houston, he is forced to help Archibald Ireland to extend his life, but he later escapes at a bus stop.


Unknown male principled alien 4

a dimensional being of unknown origin discovered by Adrian Veidekke, he is a PPE battery and liquid metal changeling who adores Valkyrie.

The Lizard Mage

Lizardfolk male diabolic arch-mage 7

a terror in multiple dimensions, his name was never given; mostly like some sort of alternate reality Egg-gar.

Darius Lovecroft

Human male anarchist physical training (defensive and fast combat) 2

grandson of Valkyrie, he travels from the future to "help" his ancestors, but provides internal Justicar conflict.

Lord Magnus

Master Vampire (nee Human) diabolic 12

from another dimension, he rebuilt his coven during the Katy dome chaos, assisted by an alternate Adrian Veidekke.

Franklin McGruder

Human male unprincipled symbiotic superhuman 10

from another dimension and infected by a Tulgeise symbiote, he was once the hero Onyx, but now is something else.

Megaversal Legion

Human and alien mercenary company (unprincipled)

pulled back and forth through time, this military company is equipped with ultra-sophisticated alien technology

Millennium Bugs

Alien species (diabolic)

these energy beings are cold-hearted creatures with a plan for enslaving the people of Earth as a long-term energy (food) source.


Human male miscreant mega-experiment 15

an unknown entity, but a suspected future version of Silverhawk, the Justicars try to prevent his timeline from happening.

The Monolith

Mystic construct (unaligned)

an original member of the Justicars before the team was killed, this being was later discovered in an archaeological dig.


Night Stalker Dragon female diabolic 7

escaping the dimension of Team Justice, she comes to wreak havoc in the Justicars dimension, but is killed.

Night Shift

Meta-human super team (miscreant)

investigated by Steel, this group ran afoul with the Justicars while raiding Interplanetary Geosciences Industries.

Calpernia Porché

Human female unprincipled experiment 6

a Rifts Altarian Warrior Woman fled to this timeline, Shade encounters her daughter, Silverhawk fights her clone.

John Q. Public

Human male scrupulous super-sleuth 4

friend of Crusader, he was consulted by the Justicars when investigating the murders committed by Trazelon.

Travis Reineiger

Human male aberrant master psionic 10

often a legal foil to the Justicars, he was well-known for defending criminal meta-humans, though his cars were crushed.


Human male scrupulous robot (transferred I.Q.) 8

originally Sven Johansson, he is second to Heather Goza in ESWAT, and is a secret admirer of Valkyrie.


Human male scrupulous robot: exoskeleton 2

ally to the Justicars, his body is found encased in his power armor, after an ambush by Asesino Alcaudon.

Father Jonas Smeed

Human male diabolic master psionic 10

as the leader of the Church of Holy Fire, he works for a higher power, collecting meta-humans for his congregation.

Steel Spider

Human male miscreant robot (vehicle) 4

piloting his mecha, Arachnis, William Carson built his mecha and the Pincer power armor to gain merc fortune.

Unaxia Summer

Human female unprincipled mystic study 5

conflict with Khabarin Iqora over the rights to a powerful ley line nexus allies her with the Justicars.

Jonathan Thomisee

Human male unprincipled commoner 6

public relations director for the Justicars, "Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me."


Shadow Creature male diabolic shadow alien

loosed through an open rift, this creature singles out abused middle schoolers, attracted by their pain, and murders them.

Ultra Man

Human female principled mega-mystically bestowed 1

Betty Brandt comforted an aged Jack Bemular, who last dying breath granted her the Ultra Power.

Adrian Veidekke

Elf male anarchist arch-mage 14

dimensional traveler and owner of A Stych-In-Time, his Prime entity helps the Justicar, but alternate versions are enemies.


Human male miscreant experiment 8

a former soldier, Walter Bradley became a mercenary and professional criminal with Alter Physical Structure: Metal.


Witchling male diabolic alien

malevolent monsters from the rifts, witchlings are hate-filled fiends who crave power and love to inflict suffering on mortal creatures.


Millennium Tree

incredible life forms unlike any on earth, this entity communicated with the Justicars as a resource to deal with supernatural evil.

Supporting NPCs of Full Circle

The Blooded Za

Brodkil tribe (diabolic)

already dangerous in the Rifts world, the creatures acted as the foot-soldiers for the invasion force setting up under the Katy Dome.

Teresa Reineiger

Human female aberrant master psionic 5

sister to Travis, she worked with several underworld figures at the behest of her brother.

Marc Southwell

Human male anarchist commoner 3

avid fan of the television show, Matlock, his home is vandalized by the Justicars after gaining information about Hitters, Inc.

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