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Invid Invasion

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Places of Note

The main plot of the campaign revolved around the encounters taking place in North America. A map was created to give the players a visual aspect of where their characters are traveling to and from. Individual towns and cities were not mapped out, and general information was given to flesh out the campaign. The Earth is again under siege. All major cities and populated areas are annihilated. The Flower of Life prospered in North America better than anywhere else, so the Invid dared not risk its destruction with area affect weapons. The last of the organized Armies of the Southern Cross and RDF had no chance against the millions of Invid. The battle for North America lasted an astonishing three days. 

The last vestiges of humanity were broken and scattered. Some communities were converted into slave farms to harvest protoculture. Other small towns, tribes and villages were allowed to exist, if their people did not use protoculture or dare resist the Invid's rules. Anarchy worse than the post-holocaust days of the first two Robotech Wars reigned. Rebel soldiers, gangs and madmen scrambled for a little piece of power. Others simply survived the best they could. These were the most difficult days in Earth's history. Despite the odds, brave resistance fighters dare to strike out at the inhuman Invid. Claiming what small victories they could, an organized network of freedom fighters grows. Among their ranks, old RDF soldiers, survivors of Rick Hunter' s Expeditionary Force (three assault waves would meet defeat at the hands of the Invid), scavengers, and peasants. Anyone strong enough and brave enough to resist the Invid could find some place among the freedom fighters. Other independent groups of resistance fighters also existed but were mostly small units of rag-tag guerrilla fighters who scavenged the land and tried to establish a sort of vigilante justice.

Eastern North America

Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río is designated meeting site for any surviving members of the returning Robotech Expeditionary Force. Unfortunately, only Lt. Johnny Rokonu is the only survivor of Jupiter Division, 22nd Battalion from the U.S.S. Gomez.

Eastern North America by Snazzy Maps

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