Important NPCs of

Invid Invasion

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Important NPCs

There are several NPCs who are important to the Invid Invasion campaign. Each has a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters. Alignments are posted as follows: Principled PRI, Scrupulous SCR, Unprincipled UNP, Anarchist ANA, Aberrant ABE, Miscreant MIS, Diabolic DIA.

Major Adam Acre

Human male unprincipled REF military specialist 6

remaining leader of the REF, he organizes the survivors into resistance cells ordered to head north.

Maxwell Eddington

Human male miscreant mercenary 8

self-proclaimed leader of Pinar del Río, he alerts the Invid to the PCs presence in exchange his continued control.

Master Chief Petty Officer Michelle Otsubo

Human female unprincipled REF bio-maintenance engineer 3

her skills are used by the party to repair any scrapped REF technology.

Jack Savage

Human male anarchist mercenary 2

former Invid experiment and captain of the S.S. Tarberry, his makeshift barge helps the PCs arrive in formerly-known Florida.

Roma Vasquez

Human male scrupulous freedom fighter 4

eager to help the PCs, she provides supplies to the party during their reorganizing in Cuba.

"Major Adam Acre" by Katherine Cardona, "Maxwell Eddington" by Igor Esaulov, "Master Chief Petty Officer Michelle Otsubo" by David Sondered, "Jack Savage" by Ayya Saparniyazova, "Roma Vasquez" by Miguel Sastre