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Team Justice

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with character just trying to survive the harsh environment when away from civilization. At the outset of the campaign, each player will start with one character. All players will roll randomly on the background charts for up to three opportunities to determine which path their character might take. Disadvantages for additional points will also be rolled, but once dice are tossed, the results are final. Humans are highly recommended as Kaldor is not known for its non-human folk; save this for when playing Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike other level based campaigns, a level "floor" is unavailable as skill increases stem from actual game play.

Golden Eagle [Andy]

Human male scrupulous master psionic 3

Flair Richards

Night Cat [Gloria]

Human female scrupulous master psionic 3

Ebony Rogers

Onyx [Joel]

Human male scrupulous master psionic 3

Franklin McGruder

The Shadow [J.D.]

Human male anarchist mystic study 11

known as Dr. John Littletree and from another Earth, he is still a mad scientist.

Shard [Mark]

Human male scrupulous master psionic 3

Luke Icewalker

White Witch [Carol]

Human male scrupulous master psionic 3

Alicia White

Golden Eagle by Roni Setiawan, Night Cat by Bryan Scott Rutherford, Onyx by Stable Diffusion, The Shadow by DALL-E, Shard by Stable Diffusion, White Witch by Ksenia Svincova

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