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Episode Guide

Each weekend, the players assembled to play what has been designated as an episode. Each week, a recap of the most recent episode’s happenings was posted to allow those who have been missing for many or few episodes to get a feel for what they have missed. 

Episode 1

Date: May 20, 2023

Attendance: David, James, Kelli, Kourtnie, Leigh, Tommy

Summary: As Nickel, the Silver Surfer’s silverback gorilla, looked down onto Earth from his moon-based habitat, he knew that his master’s absence was much longer than anticipated. Long trips to other places took time, but this seemed different, and he resolved to better investigate this issue. Across New York City, other enhanced pets of superheroes also noticed their owner’s prolonged absence and moved to learn of their masters’ locations: Stevie (Captain America’s koala), George (Spiderman’s spider monkey), Thunder (Nightcrawler’s turtle), and Chonk (Hulk’s corgi). Remembering the Silver Surfer often teamed up with Reed Richards and that George was also in New York City, Nickel used his silver boogieboard to track down his primate friend. Stevie escaped her artist’s loft via a window only to notice Chonk throwing himself from a high-rise condominium and impacting the alley below. Thunder made a ponderous journey from the Xavier School down the driveway (under the watchful eye of a Döömbot, talking to his elbow), and eventually made the decision to teleport on top of passing cars, then travel to NYC where she suspected her master visited last. Connecting over the need for snacks from a hot dog vendor, Stevie and Chonk rationalized their masters would be at Avengers Tower. Nickel and Thunder also came to the same conclusion, noticing a koala riding atop a green corgi in downtown NYC. Eventually, the pets (including Thunder) arrived on top of Avengers Tower still not finding their owners. They did find Kitty Purry (the Black Cat’s black cat) who offered information on Spiderman’s whereabouts, but only after completing a job for the feline. Cheddar (the Kingpin’s cat) owns the largest ball of yarn in NYC, and Kitty Purry wanted it. The party agreed and after invading Fisk Tower, using Chonk as a breeching tool, the Super Pets were able to overwhelm the guards and abscond with the yarn ball, handing it over to Kitty Purry. With her payment in hand, the heavily New Yorker accented cat told the party where Spiderman was being held, and that perhaps the other owners might be there too. Pressed for further details, the cat gave up members of the Sinister Six were involved with all the disappearances except for the Silver Surfer. Heading to the old Globe building, the PCs spied a bound Spiderman, and soon combat ensued with Shocker, Electro, Boomerang, Rhino, Beetle, and Kraven the Hunter. It was a quick defeat for the villains, but Dr. Polypus escaped.

Combat: The PCs defeat a group of Altered Humans, Mutants, and Hi-Tech enemies referring to themselves as the Sinister Six.

Episode 2

Date: May 25, 2024

Attendance: James, Jason, Joe, Leigh

Summary: MAY 20, 2023. Much like his fellow pet Thunder, Tam-Tam (the Tamagotchi of Warlock, member of the New Mutants) lived a happy life at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, but also like Thunder, his master had not been seen for the past several days which caused worry in the alien organic-inorganic creature. Using his powers, Tam-Tam did his best to track his master finding he had left the school grounds to speak with a Döömbot across the street. Realizing Warlock was attracted to an off-planet energy signature that arrived recently, Tam-Tam mimicked the Döömbot, using its thrusters to fly to New York City and hopefully his master. While in NYC at the abandoned Globe Newspaper building, defeating villains made Chonk sleepy and while the corgi found a cool spot on the concrete floor, Thunder searched the bodies of the Sinister Six for clues and any useful items. Finding only some poison darts, the box turtle freed a bound and unconscious Spider-Man from his ceiling manacles just in time to sense an incoming Tam-Tam. The PCs connected quickly, further searching the area for the prospective masters, but finding only human paraphernalia, even as Chonk requested snacks. Finding their way outside into the alley, Tam-Tam sensed the energy grid connecting to the Globe building was enhanced with a large energy source coming from beneath the building, and the pets sniffed around to find a reinforced security door where usual NYC underground access would be found. Accessing the security door alerted a returning Speed Demon from a local bank robbery, and combat ensued. Unbeknownst to the PCs, an extra-dimensional tear opened in the fabric of reality and Mato (the six legged-bear from Mojoworld, and pet of Spiral) appeared looking for a crazed cleric who continued to call upon him from the Deadlands. Making quick work of Speed Demon, the new party made its way below the Globe building, bypassing a trapped elevator filled with a variety of hidden weapons. Travelling well-below the NYC subway system, the PCs encountered a 30-foot robot with 16 tentacles piloted by Doctor Polypus, the cybernetically enhanced pet of Doctor Octopus. Combat with the giant mecha commenced with the party struggling to damage the Octodroid, until Thunder used her teleportation power to remove the pilot, which Tam-Tam and Mato destroyed the secondary power source, but freed the primary power source: an unconscious Silver Surfer..

Combat: Dr. Polypuis and his Octodroid (and a wandering Speed Demon) are defeated by the party.