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Sins of the Past

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Important NPCs for Sins of the Past

There are several NPCs who are important to the Sins of the Past campaign. These characters have a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters as reoccurring opportunities to move the plot along or distinct personalities which left an impression upon the players.

Collette Adolphe

Patua female lawful good CR 25

AKA Mrs. Adolphe, a powerful race called the Patua, she lives at Monkton Farms, a pocket dimension off the island of Waytoll.

Lewellan Alfynar

Human female chaotic evil master vampire CR 13

While living under an abandoned theater in Celesthem, she comes into conflict when the PCs are searching for information regarding their false incarceration. Her "murder wall" of suspects helps the PCs learn of the "Ironhall Gambit".

Elres Arard

Human male lawful good wizard (evocation) 16

a bookkeeper at the Medicamentum wizard’s guide, he is swept up by the Dark Tide with promises of adventure.


Black Dragonborn male chaotic neutral draconic bloodline sorcerer 8/ pact of the tome warlock 10

formerly of House Thaxanorguth, the Dark Tide saves him, but Crystal Pines influences him.


Lamia female neutral evil CR 4

always appearing in human form, the seneschal to Prisania in Merridew who deals with the PCs while they are trapped in Waytoll.

Deldrin Baleson

Human male neutral good veteran CR 3

shipwrecked on Waytoll, he led a small contingents of survivors who welcomed the PCs during their stay at Fort Boar.

The Band of Butchers

Prison gang (neutral evil) CR 5

the lone criminal organization of Bellorux, bribing the guards and acting with impunity toward the newly incarcerated PCs.

Natali Bersk

Human male neutral good veteran CR 3

commander of Barthen Keep, he overlooks prejudice and gives the PCs a place to call home in southern Valderin.


Yuan-ti Abomination male neutral evil Demogorgon blackguard 9

champion of the Fellowship of the Sacred Way, his reign on Melekure ends with the PCs.

Tangy Bodangy

Half-Orc female chaotic good veteran CR 5

hyper-militant to male half-orcs, she survives the massacre at Bellorux to end up as a merchant on Melekure.

The Bone Hearts

Mercenary company (neutral evil) CR 13

led by Violet Longstreet, they allied with the PCs only when their goals aligned, but later, this group hunted the Dark Tide.

Derr Brokenears

Bugbear male chaotic evil chieftain CR 5

leader of the bugbear raiders near Barthen Keep, he appears much later as a frost giant adviser before making parlay with Kor.

Rurik Chainguard

Hill Dwarf male lawful good scout CR 1

fast friend of Donovan Silvershaper, he is instrumental in leading the PCs through the Fanderword Forest.

Phineas Dearborn

Human male neutral thief rogue 8/ hunter ranger 8

member of the Bone Hearts, counsel to Violet Longstreet who works with her and the Dark Tide to attain mutual goals.


Dimensional Being male neutral otherworldly patron CR 25

connecting with Aryax but also claiming Kal-Ra as his own, this entity's sway centered on the Dark Tide at Crystal Pine.

Bedward Estolis

Human male neutral evil merchant CR 2

one of the most powerful and dangerous inhabitants of Melekure, his Broker's Collective seeks out the Four Shields.

The Everwatchers

Monk order (lawful neutral) CR 3

the jailers of Bellorux, these monks of Cuthbert were chosen to guard the prison because of their dedication and vows to Valderin.

Karlitis Ferrara

Human male neutral evil commoner CR 3

father of Utica, he trades his daughter away to Kor for additional labor & hides the party on this farm outside of Melekure.

Utica Ferrara

Human female lawful neutral eldritch knight fighter 18

squired to Kor by her father, she became a powerful warrior, often sickened by the actions of Egg-gar.


Storm Giant male neutral evil warrior CR 13

trapped on Waytoll, he made a home for himself under the island along with his companion, Verdigraxis.

The Hallowed Hundred

Mercenary company (publicly lawful good; privately lawful evil) CR 16

following the Nine Penny Kings as the heroes of Valderin, later their secrets revealed their part in the Ironhall Gambit.

Mighty Hornis

Human male neutral champion CR 9

member of the Bone Hearts with giant's blood, the brawn often paired with the brains of Hamros Kreed, loyal to a fault.


Imp Devil male lawful evil CR 1

summoned familiar by Ukko Zephrys , this fiend assists his master in scouting, theft, and spying, but later made deals against him.

Rolland Inkrot

Demilich (nee human) male neutral evil CR 18

AKA Andrel Larissa, AKA Armande Hule, the Ironhall Gambit linchpin, he flees and changes from human mastermind to a demilich.

Emmitt Ironhall

Human male lawful evil mastermind CR 20

AKA Sir Hyle Battleborn, the architect of woes responsible for having the PCs jailed for seven years at the Isle of Bellorux.

Dante Koribayed

Human male chaotic evil barbarian 20

recurring antagonist from the Cursed Earth campaign, he survives the slaughter of Bellorux leaving for parts unknown.

Hamros Kreed

Lightfoot Halfling male neutral thief 15

member of the Bone Hearts, the smarter half when paired with Mighty, tried to help the PCs when beneficial.

Masmar Lendred

Human male lawful neutral eldritch knight fighter 10

adoptive father of Kor, he learns of the Ironhall Gambit, sparing the PCs to prison, trading his life for theirs.

Violet Longstreet

High Elf female neutral evil deepwood sniper ranger 20

leader of The Bone Hearts, works with PCs to leave Waytoll, later choosing to hunt them for Emmitt Ironhall.


Winter Wolf male neutral evil CR 3

defeated, captured and broken by Egg-gar, this beast served his new master faithfully while tracking down Emmitt Ironhall.

The Men of Masterson

Mercenary company (lawful neutral) CR 3

the PCs were hired by Masmar Lendred to accompany a wagon train to the south to reinforce troops against goblins.


Kraken male chaotic evil CR 23

the terror below Waytoll surrounded by minor krakens and aboleth minions, he is the greatest fear for sentient life trapped there.

Orn, son of Uctuk

Lizardfolk male chaotic neutral champion 13

drawn as the Knight card from a Deck of Many Things, he serves Egg-gar resentfully until he dies in Melekure.


Erinyes Devil female lawful evil CR 12

stern leader of Merridew while trapped in Waytoll, she controls most of the island's population and crushes her enemies.

Shad Redcase

Human male neutral evil battlemaster fighter 18

AKA Sir Clement Steelsong, a central cohort of Emmitt Ironhall, from puny henchman to leader of the Hallowed Hundred.

Barin Rivenshield

Human male chaotic evil oathbreaker paladin of Erythnul 10

he made promises to the PCs about when his forces would free him from Bellorux, Dante Koribayed disagreed.


Beholder lawful evil CR 13

mutated from an alien power supply, this creature and its 20 eye stalks hunted the drow under Melekure, until destroyed by the PCs.

The Ruthless Navy

Pirate band (chaotic evil) CR 10

one of the more powerful factions on Melekure, this group raids Valderin, and prevented the PCs from leaving Baeledictum.


Marid Genie male chaotic neutral CR 11

the cursed ruler of Avyosos who torments the PCs when they sail into his pocket dimension, but they later free him into Waytoll.

Akta Sorrow

Tiefling female lawful neutral champion fighter 13

drawn as the Knight card from a Deck of Many Things, she serves Ukko Zephrys until leaving with Utica.

The Storm Jesters

Mercenary company (chaotic evil) CR 15

ex-members of the Hallowed Hundred, the minions of the Laughing Knight succumbed to the Crystal Pine's alien influence.

Delibes Tattersort

Lesser Lich (nee human) male neutral CR 10

choosing hermitage to research magic, the PCs invaded his Waytoll lair and they almost died, until the Dark Tide destroyed him.


Cloud Giant male neutral evil CR 11

former ally to the Storm Jesters, later disguised as frost giant hero, Turokomin, he took control of the southwest of Valderin.


Outsider female chaotic evil CR 10

AKA Marpock, trapped on Waytoll, she sees the PCs as a way to escape, but often attacks them when overcome by hunger.

Geridas Vallate

Human male chaotic evil champion fighter 16

AKA Maxis Ghent, AKA the Laughing Knight, ally of Emmitt Ironhall until a coronentum causes him to go rogue.


Young Green Dragon female lawful evil CR 8

trapped on Waytoll, she allies himself with Groniron, but is later cut-down by the PCs before they left the island.

Yacuir, daughter of Zihgux

Lizardfolk female chaotic good samurai fighter 14

drawn as the Knight card from a Deck of Many Things, she serves Egg-gar loyally until she dies in Melekure.

Keone Zalluc

Merfolk male neutral good warrior CR 1

trapped in Avyosos, he is fights with the PCs against sahuagin and leads the party to the Sisters of Avyosos sea hags.


Mind Flayer male lawful evil

making his home from the crashed starship atop Crystal Pine, his experiments (and Shadow Engine) are foiled by the Dark Tide.

Supporting NPCs of Sins of the Past

Ned Aeltyn

Male human chaotic neutral fighter 13

Ned Aeltyn is a former member of Santo Koribayed’s Folding Circle. During the aftermath of the Folding Circle and the Heroes of the North, Aeltyn fled to Steelgate, seeking a new life under a different name.

Broderick Balda

Male human lawful neutral monk 10

one-time leader of the Everwatchers on Bellorux, he is given a promotion back to the mainland as a devious part of the Erythnul takeover.

Chocolate Thunder

Male minotaur chaotic evil warrior

nickname given by Derr Brokenears to the minotaur ally of the bugbear raiders living in the ravine south of Barthen Keep.

Varth Dader

Male outsider lawful evil warrior

a dimensional aspect who duels Kor to the death until his energy blade is dropped through Waytoll's limestone crust.

Krell Clawbottom

Male bugbear chaotic evil warrior

imprisoned by Derr Brokenears as a rebel, his impassioned plea to the party to hunt down his former leader was notable.

The Dogeater Tribe

Orc tribe (chaotic evil)

subordinate to the Skullclaw tribe, their Eye of Gruumsh was the spiritual leader for both tribes, as the power behind the orog.

Walloch Durleb

Male human chaotic evil assassin rogue

retired from the Pale Grin, as a Bellorux carpenter, he secretly led the Band of Butchers, but died during the prison break.

Burson Fletcher

Male human chaotic neutral opportunist

former merchant, he was a Bellorux neighbor to Kor, trying to tunnel from his cell, but died during the prison break.

The Hungry Wolves

Hobgoblin tribe (lawful evil)

led by Jaggadash, they are saved for last when clearing out the ravine near Barthen Keep with survivors fleeing south.


Male hobgoblin lawful evil warlord

leader of the Hungry Wolves tribe, he uses the vorpal blade Blazefury, slaying Donovan Silvershaper, before dying.

Moxic Jara

Female human chaotic evil footpad

supposed leader of the Band of Butchers on the Isle of Bellorux, she died during the prison break.

The Jindroll

Alien race (neutral)

their hyperspace engines damaged by an errant grenade, their starship crashes landing atop Crystal Pine mountain, polluting the land.

Gulmorlin Keteeryrr

Male drow elf neutral evil elite warrior

leader of the Moredhel in Ousszynge under Melekure, he deals with the Dark Tide to grant them access to the surface.


Male ogre chaotic evil

leader of a gang of ogres living in the ravine south of Barthen Keep, very powerful in combat, but weak vs. charm spells.

The Nine Penny Kings

Mercenary company (neutral good)

assigned to Bellorux as warden, he met Kor while a young lord, but later, Kor asked him for help with the Dark Tide's plight.

Samuel Porter

Male human lawful good noble

the precursors to the Hallowed Hundred, this group was known far and wide to have saved Valderin from evil.

The Redbasher Tribe

Goblin tribe (chaotic evil)

beholden to the Hungry Wolves in the ravine south of Barthen Keep, one survivor joins the Dark Tide upon return to Valderin.

Sisters of Avyosos

Sea hag coven (chaotic evil)

these hags made bargains with those trapped in Saffat's realm, until the PCs destroyed their coven, freeing their slaves.

The Skullclaw Tribe

Orc tribe (chaotic evil)

residents of the ravine south of Barthen Keep, the PCs repelled their repeated attacks on the keep, then defeated their orog leader.


Male alhoun illithid lawful evil

a colleague in magic to Tattersort while living in Ullegeval below Waytoll, his overconfidence led to his demise by way of the Dark Tide.

Az Steelbeard

Male hill dwarf neutral grave cleric Valkauna

member of the Bone Hearts, although he was faithful to Violet, he was also to the PCs in need.

Delibes Tattersort

Male lesser lich neutral

choosing hermitage to research magic, the PCs invaded his Waytoll lair and they almost died, until the Dark Tide destroyed him.

Shyhack Torp

Male human alchemist

trapped in the dimension of Avyosos, he creates potions for Saffat in exchange kidnapped victims from other worlds.


Male goblin chaotic evil boss

chief of the Filthy Rotter tribe in Erx, he wisely parlays with the Dark Tide to fight against the frost giant swarm.

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