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Important NPCs

There are several NPCs who are important to the COVID-Z campaign. Each has a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters.

Cult of Brulyx

Religious social organization (diabolic)

Followers of a secret religion more than 5,000 years old, they have prayed and waited patiently for the day death would reign. 2020 grants their wishes.

General Gustavo Carranza

Human male aberrant soldier: special ops (espionage) 13

head of Camp Obrador and leader of the Republic of Baja, he is a necessary evil the 4077 must deal with to survive.

Atticus Dabble

Human male anarchist mystic 7

a refugee from the Nightbane universe, he is trying to get back to his home dimension while fearful of the Dark Day in this reality.

Isabel Dominguez

Human female aberrant survivor: police (tactical assault/S.W.A.T.) 8

as a security contractor, she has embraced the apocalypse, working within the confines of her own personal agenda.

Wynona Easton

Human female scrupulous survivor: creative writer 2

granddaughter of EAU Systems founder, she comes with Klinger for an Alaskan cruise, but he later kills her.

Private Jose Garza

Human male anarchist soldier: infantry 2

paired with Pvt. Gomez, he is tasked to observe/protect the 4077, but is found to be easily manipulated by the party.

Private Juan Gomez

Human male anarchist soldier: infantry 2

paired with Pvt. Garza, he is tasked to observe and protect the 4077, but is found to be easily manipulated by the party.

Alexandra Herford

Human female diabolic entertainer/death priest of Brulyx 8

a dame of Brulyx, she converts members of the Resurrection Crusade into followers of Brulyx, the ancient Lord of the Dead.

Steve Marcus

Human male unprincipled survivor: scholar 4

a crew member of the Azure Queen, he was a resource the PCs needed when he piloted an escape boat to safety.

Eduardo Nafogrio

Human male unprincipled survivor: athletics (amateur competitor) 7

as strong as he is slow-witted, he is the loyal muscle behind Isabel's group of opportunists.

2nd Captain Oscar Pena

Human male unprincipled soldier: medic 4

the main doctor at Camp Obrador, he works with Hawkeye to ensure the health of soldiers and civilians

Lindsey Phair

Human female principled zombie nerd 1

along with her dog, Peanut Butter, the PCs bring her to Camp Obrador after her parents' death in Pacific Grove.

Sub-Lt. Roberto Rubio (AKA El Hombre de Rojo)

Human (half-living) male aberrant soldier: special ops (commando) 8

An accomplished soldier before the zombie apocalypse, Rubio was betrayed by General Carranza during a mission into Ensenada. Thought to be dead, Rubio survived his betrayal, but rose as a half-living. Bent on revenge, Rubio became known as "El Hombre de Rojo" (The Man in Red) as a mysterious figure who continued to ambush and kill his former allies outside of Camp Obrador. When encountered in Benito Garcia, the PCs found him to be herding zombies into trailers for use as a weapon for himself or possibly Op Fenix.

Corporal Kevin Ruiz

Human male scrupulous soldier: infantry 3

tasked as an interpreter for Sgt. Pierce, he is emblematic that not everyone is out for themselves during the apocalypse.

Armando Sandoval

Human male scrupulous survivor: construction worker 6

although given many titles, he prefers "just Armando", and acts as the chief metal worker for the 4077.

Jane Sarandon

Human female anarchist housekeeper/ex-death priest of Brulyx 6

trained as a follower of Brulyx, the apocalypse has softened her outlook, but she dies during Klinger's suicidal detonation. Much later, the PCs suspect they saw her again acting as a protector of San Vicente, albeit as a mock zombie.

Supporting NPCs of COVID-Z

BG Reyes (BG Kings)

This teenage gang of survivors "ruled" the remains of Benito Garcia, having established a series of zombie-free pathways around town until meeting the PCs. Lt. Heller was captured and taken to their makeshift base at Bazar de Colores j Maria Iglesias y Tlacolula Cañón Buena Viste before a hostage exchange by Robert Rubio.

Op Fenix

Founded by Karl Rolf Seyferth out of Initium et Finis - Wunderkammer der Humanität in Frankfurt Germany, this paramilitary group appeared to have all the needed resources in place for a zombie apocalypse and thrived in the city of Ensenada. Communicating through the group's mouthpiece, Jose Turcios, the group established their base inside a soccer sports complex using their position to gather more survivors into their flock, under the guidance of their leader, Adan Pulido. The PCs learned of their existence when investigating food stores at Benito Garcia.

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