Rules and Redundancy for

Invid Invasion

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House Rules

Combat Clarification

  • Critical Strikes calculate the total damage, then double for the final amount.

  • Attacks on missiles or mini-missiles count as a normal attack with normal penalties to strike.

  • PCs may forfeit initiative, but they may not hold their attacks until the end of the combat round.

Talking During Combat

  • Talking is a free action, but monologues are not.

Campaign Redundancy

  • battloid/destroid: A non-transformable mecha developed from Earths limited understanding protoculture and Robotechnology. The Destroid are giant, 45 to 80 feet tall, robot suits, and vital to the Robotech Defense Force. The Battloid (smaller cousins of the Destroid) are usually 27 feet tall and are used mainly by the Armies of the Southern Cross.

  • hyperspace: A dimension between the standard dimensions of time and space. It is a zone which can be used to travel light-years without feeling the effects of time. The Space Fold process is the traveling through hyperspace. Navigation in hyperspace is not always accurate and is most hazardous when traveling great distances.

  • Invid: These enigmatic, protoplasmic creatures are the natives to the planet which originated protoculture. Protoculture is derived from the sacred plant, “The Flower of Life”, which once grew exclusively on the Invid home world until it was discovered by the Robotech Master, taken, and cultivated elsewhere. The Invid are obsessed with gathering all the Flowers of Life and returning them and any protoculture, to their home world.

  • mecha: A term that refers to all mechanisms which utilize Robotechnology and protoculture. It is most thought of in the context of the Cyclones and Veritech Fighters.

  • Protoculture: A source of unique bio-energy derived from the Invid Flower of Life, discovered by the great Robotech Master, Zor. In its unrefined form, the Invid use protoculture for nourishment and metaphysical enlightenment. Zor found that the plant produced a source of energy, during gestation, unlike anything in the known universe. Through field studies, Zor learned that if he applied constant pressure to the properly germinated seed, he could control the energy of protoculture. This also prevents the plant’s growth, which causes it to generate even more of its complex energy field. Trapped in stasis, the seed will continue to generate power for decades. This led to the conceptualization of organic fusion became the basis for Robotechnology and the creation of Mecha. A Mecha derives its energy from protoculture as well as instilling it with a symbolic link between man and machine.

  • RDF/Robotech Defense Force: A part of the United Nation’s World Government defense force. The RDF is specifically charged with the use and development of Robotechnology and Mecha for combat/defense. It is the military force which later gave birth to the REF.

  • REF/Robotech Expeditionary Force: The Earth armada sent to the planet of Tirol as a peace envoy/preemptive force, to communicate with the Robotech Masters.

  • Reflex Power: The term “reflex” can be applied to weapons, engines, and machinery. It is simply a system which works intrinsically or responds to certain conditions as a “reflex” reaction. It is a form of passive artificial intelligence.

  • Robotechnology: The discoverer of protoculture, Zor, is the father of Robotechnology. He learned that the other Robotech Masters intended to keep the secrets of Robotechnology, protoculture and Mecha to themselves for their own foul reasons. This prompted Zor to hide an almost inexhaustible supply of protoculture on board his newly designed spacecraft, the SDF-1, along with the necessary data to unlock the mysteries of protoculture. The ship was then sent to Earth; an act that would brand Zor as a traitor and cost him his life. For the next decade, the Zentraedi would be sent out throughout the universe to locate the SDF-1 for the retrieval of the needed protoculture and the new, lost advances Zor had secretly perfected (transformable mecha). Unfortunately, the SDF-1’s crash landing, and alien nature, would make it difficult for humans to unravel all the secrets locked within her. Although they would be able to create a variety of Mecha, the full understanding of protoculture would be lost for decades. Likewise, the protoculture hidden on board the SDF-1 would remain hidden.

  • Robotech Masters: The decadent race of technological geniuses and creators of Robotechnology. They have ruled the known universe for so long, that they have become arrogant and unsympathetic to humanity. They are cunning and ruthless, viewing all aspects of life as merely parts of a game. It is their decadence and loss of humanity that is bringing their once noble race to the edge of Armageddon.

  • SDF-1, 2 & 3: The Super Dimensional Fortress based on the original designs of the Robotech Master, Zor. The SDF-1 becomes the pivotal focus and salvation of Earth in its battle with the Zentraedi. The SDF-1 and SDF-2 are destroyed in Khyron’s final assault. The SDF-3 is based as close as possible to Zor’s original design. It is later used to take war to the Robotech Masters.

  • Space Fold: The method used by which vehicles travel through hyperspace. The actual mechanisms for accomplishing a space fold are unstable and rather destructive, so it is not a common means of travel.

  • Veritech: Transformable combat Mecha vital to the RDF/REF.

  • Zentraedi: A race of warrior clones designed by the Robotech Masters.

  • Zor: The deceased creator of Robotechnology.

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