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Team Justice

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Important NPCs of Team Justice

There are several NPCs who are important to the Full Circle campaign. These characters have a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters as reoccurring opportunities to move the plot along or distinct personalities which left an impression upon the players.

Chase Armstrong

Human male scrupulous paranormal investigator

Armstrong is a private investigator that has helped the team out by working behind the scenes to provided critical underworld information.

Maria Eppolito

Human female scrupulous police officer

Eppolito is the former police chief of Houston, who retired from her job to become the Team Justice team liaison.

Lance Macavoy

Human male unprincipled lawyer

Macavoy is the Assistant District Attorney (and former boyfriend of Maria Eppolito). Macavoy has been a tremendous help to the team by quickly closing cases on several of the superhuman menaces to plague Houston.

M.A.R.S. (Metahuman Armored Resistance Squad)

Law enforcement super team

A branch of the Houston police department, this para-military group uses cybernetic weaponry to help combat superhumans threats.

Chase Armstrong by DALL-E, Maria Eppolito by Javier Santiago, Lance Macavoy by Damai Mikaz, M.A.R.S. by RPG Dynamite

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