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Ghost Rock Reckoning

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Player Characters of Ghost Rock Reckoning

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with characters trying to fight survive those things that go bump in the night. BR&WL tokens are awarded based on participation and role-playing, not just killing enemies. Additional BR&WL tokens will be awarded for exceptional game play and other opportunities.

Richard "Deadeye Dick" Carson [James B.]

Human (harrowed) male seasoned/4 gunslinger (former Texas Ranger)

Born in Galveston, TX in 1859 to John and Martha Carson, young Richard's birth coincided the completion of Ashton Villa, one of the first of Galveston's Broadway "palaces," as well as the first brick house to be built in Texas. The second son of five children, Richard lived his life content to helping his father who started his career as a brick mason and plasterer, developed his ability as an architect. It wasn't until John became under employ of James M. Brown that he was instrumental in the ensuring the completion of Ashton Villa. Not wanting the life of a bricklayer in post-Antebellum Texas, John used position as city alderman to connect his son to Officer James McDonald, the night sergeant of the Galveston police force, hoping the experience would sway him back to a less exciting choice of occupation. It had the opposite effect, and Richard became more enamored with law enforcement, and learning to never lose at poker while investigating one of Galveston's many vices. On March 30, 1875*, President Grant signed the act that readmitted Texas into the Union and ended Congressional Reconstruction. Texas passed a new constitution six years later, and Governor Oran Roberts appropriated funds to expand the Texas Rangers to 450 peace officers, leaving behind their service as a semi-military organization. Rangers were stationed in districts at strategic points over the state to be on hand when ranches were raided by bandits and Indians. Seeing this as an opportunity, Richard moved from Galveston to Austin to begin his training, receiving his badge and assignment to Round Rock. Using information received from an associate of Sam Bass, Richard (now known as Dead Eye Dick Carson) nearly single-handedly brought in alive the notorious outlaw as Bass attempted to rob an Austin branch of the Bank of the Northern Hemisphere in July 1883*. Jealous of his newfound notoriety so early in his career, corrupt members of the Texas Rangers later arranged for an ambush in February 1884, shooting Carson in the back, then shuttling his body in a pinewood box on the closest train heading north where he awoke as a Harrowed. With his body imbued with a manitou (named Poor Lazarus) to give him unlife, he haunts the plains of Wyoming, looking to continue meeting out justice as he did while in Texas.

John Dutton [Jason]

Human male seasoned/4 Texas cattle baron

John Dutton was born on his family’s farm on March 20, 1860, in Bexar County, Texas as the youngest child of seven sons born to Henry Dutton and Nora (née Baker) Dutton of Bitter End, Tennessee. Like his son John, Henry Dutton was also the youngest of seven boys, but his notoriety included being born a week after news of plummeting cotton stocks had arrived in January starting the Panic of 1819. With his large family, Henry received the smallest share of the inheritance and was content as a wheat farmer, marrying his teenage sweetheart, Nora, at age 23 in 1842, and having their first two children in 1843 and 1845. With his brothers aged out, Henry gained additional notoriety, like his father did with the War of 1812, when native Tennessean President James K. Polk asked for volunteers, Henry joined 30,000 Tennesseans in 1846 who offered their services in the Mexican-American War, earning Tennessee the nickname of the "Volunteer State". Leaving his family in the care of his brothers, Henry fought valiantly at the Siege of Veracruz with the First Tennessee Infantry but lost his right foot during a Mexican artillery barrage. Returning to the United States, Henry was reunited with his family, and Nora gave birth to three more sons. Working on his farm was a quiet life, but the 1850s saw a tremendous influx of African slaves and talks of secession rounded the state. Some Tennesseans opposed the expansion of slavery, especially in East Tennessee where an emancipation movement fostered. Reconnecting with a friend from the war, Captain John Coffee Hays, he convinced his fellow Tennessean of the land of opportunity known as Texas. Taking their family, Henry and Nora moved west in 1857 finding ample land away from civilization in the Texas Panhandle, surrounded by the Native Americans of the Comanchería. Henry’s farm was left well enough alone after Hays introduced the family to Chief Buffalo Hump, and arrangements were made to give out part of the family’s crops to the local tribe. Henry and Nora had two more boys in 1858, and, with John, the last son, in 1860. As the Civil War brewed in the east, John grew up on the family farm in the unique position of engaging with a variety of people from different backgrounds, but growing up in the knowledge that hard work was the core of a man’s character. Wanting to experience life outside of Texas, John saved his money and chose to purchase cattle instead of farmland like his brothers did. Working with Hayes, the Commanche had a great admiration for young Dutton, and when Hayes moved to California, Dutton continued his association with the Comanche, Kiowa, and white settlers. Moving away from home in 1876, Dutton parlayed his likeable demeanor and keen mind to turn a few earnest purchases from the LX Ranch in newly created Potter County into a successful cattle empire. Unlike his contemporaries, like Charles Goodnight, Dutton sought new opportunities where none exist, and made plans to stake his claim in Wyoming as one of the biggest cattle barons in the west.

Benjamin Vhan King [Korie]

Human male novice/3 metal mage/inventor

The illegitimate son of the King Ranch in Texas.

Big John Koribayed [Tommy2]

Human (harrowed) male seasoned/6 former soldier/bounty hunter

John Koribayed was born in Warrenton, Virginia, on May 7, 1844, the youngest of three children to Amanda Lynn (nee Martin) and Joseph Nicholas Koribayed, a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. His father was a member of a small, but old Virginia family of German origin whose ancestor, Friederich Kori-Bayed, was born in Dresden in 1612 and settled in Fredericksburg, Virginia in the early 17th century. Although Joseph was born into a large family, only he would live long and prosper in Virginia setting up his apothecary shop on one of the main roads leading into Washington D.C. With his mother helping at his father's shop, John was sent to school, a student with an eagerness to learn equipped with a salubrious appetite, leading to a growth spurt that left him towering over the entire school by age 13. His intent to attend college in the New England area was superseded by Virginia’s secession from the United States in 1861. Koribayed spoke out against secession, but left school and joined the Confederate army (lying about his age at 16) as a private at the outbreak of the Civil War. Hardly a solider with his large frame and young mind, he was assigned a place of support under Col. J.E.B. Stuart and the 1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment at the First Battle of Bull Run. Koribayed found his strength to be his best asset, and participated indirectly in conflicts between 1861-1863, even returning home in May of 1863 with John Mosby’s Rangers to raid a Union supply depot in Warrenton. His first up-close taste of battle occurred during George Pickett’s charge across open field at the Battle of Gettysburg. Koribayed’s height was his disadvantage with Union snipers finding him the largest unmounted target, and the young soldier was shot through the left lung a half-mile from Cemetery Ridge. As fate would have it, Koribayed was one of the thousands of soldiers reanimated by the dark forces of the Reckoning, empowered by a manitou called itself Egg-gar. Confused by his unlife and unsure about why he was still standing upright, Koribayed wandered from the battle site. Tired of war, Koribayed roamed aimless through the United States for nearly twenty years, bouncing from state to state looking to start again, but always finding that trouble traveled with him. Eventually, Koribayed was able to connect with a mining outfit lead by Pete Grammer, who had received permission from the Sioux Nation to prospect the Silver Cliff Mine located west of Lusk. Starting in 1880, Koribayed finally found a place he could call home and a peaceful life mining for silver. However, as fate would have it, whether by faulty mine construction or the power of the Sioux Nation’s aversion to technology turning against them, the Silver Cliff Mine mysteriously collapsed. Saved by his manitou-powered form, Koribayed spent months digging himself out of the disaster, the lone survivor. Wandering through Wyoming, he connected with Dutton and Co. when their adventures led them to the area near the Cheyenne River. 

Camile Lafitte [Kelli]

Human female novice/3 pirate's daughter

Granddaughter of Jean Lafitte

Darklis Lupescu [Leigh]

Human female seasoned/5 Roma gypsy huckster

Sold into slavery and rescued by Mama Luna, her gift for the supernatural was fostered at a young age to help make money. However, she soon became too powerful to be reigned in, and sought after her lost sister who was separated from her when she was younger. Now, thanks to the spirits, they are reunited and exploring the Weird West together.

Edgewalker Lupescu [Kourtnie]

Human female seasoned/4 Roma gypsy-Sioux blessed

Sister of Darklis

The Boy/Skinwalker [Tommy]

Human male novice/1 Cherokee shaman orphan

His parents killed and his attackers attempting to drown him, the child only known to other as The Boy has been moved by the spirits to travel west into the Wyoming country for his safety and to find answers to his future. No long during his stay in the Wyoming Territory, Skinwalker was killed by a charging Sioux warband. His body was buried near the Cheyenne River.

Jareth Smith [Joe]

Human male novice/3 territorial ranger in training

Bastard son of James Dutton

Jody Wales [David]

Human male seasoned/4 bounty hunter-undertaker

Something has been a little off about Jody Wales, noticed even by his friends back in grade school. Whether he was born that way, or the world just made him onery, he has turned his sour disposition into his life’s work of burying people on the cheap, sometimes after he has hunted them down for a bounty. He has the reputation of laying to rest many a famous person. Just ask him, and he’ll tell you.

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