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Invid Invasion

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with characters trying to fight against alien invaders. Although a main story line exists in anime and literature about the 3rd Robotech War, the PCs are part of a secondary story which will culminate in the final battle at Reflex Point. All players will choose their own O.C.C. with mecha assigned by the GM; almost everyone will start with some sort of Cyclone. Humans are the only race allowed, to mitigate the issue with clones and hybrids. Experience points are awarded based on gameplay, not just killing enemies. Levels are not listed below, but all characters should stay in a familiar grouping. Alignments are limited to any non-Evil alignments.

Style Bluemont [Boris]

Human male unprincipled freedom fighter

his father was a veteran of 2nd Robotech war, now he fights in the 3rd.

Raoul Cortez [Jeremy]

Human male anarchist freedom fighter

trying to fight the Invid, he goes out of his way to target alien sympathizers.

Private First Class James Delano [Karin]

Human male scrupulous REF military specialist

survived the crash of U.S.S. Gomez with 2nd Reclamation Fleet.

Vance Joseph [Ron]

Human male anarchist nomad scout

Earth born driven from his home by the Invid, he only works for pay.

Sergeant Resnik Krezovah [Steve]

Human male scrupulous REF Cyclone rider

only survivor of Mars 4th Division, 15th Battalion from U.S.S. Denver

Private First Class Robert McGruder [Greg]

Human male scrupulous REF military specialist

survivor of 1st Reclamation Fleet, waiting for 2nd Fleet to arrive.

2nd Lieutenant Johnny Rokonu [John]

Human male principled REF Cyclone rider

survivor of Jupiter Division, 22nd Battalion from U.S.S. Gomez

"Style Bluemont" by Luca Oleastri, "Raoul Cortez" by Jim Cooper, "Private First Class James Delano" by Luca Oleastri, "Vance Joseph" by FJFT-Art, "Sergeant Resnik Krezovah" by Luca Oleastri, "Private First Class Robert McGruder" by Luca Oleastri, "2nd Lieutenant Johnny Rokonu" by Luca Oleastri