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Cursed Earth

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Player Characters

The design of the campaign is plot-based, yet character driven, as the PCs might not be the most powerful entities in the land, but the story does revolve around their choices. At the outset of the campaign, each player will start with one character with the Dungeon Master encouraging the players to create characters with meaningful desires, goals, and values. Playable races are available in the Player's Handbook, but additional races must be verified if drawing from other resources. Experience points are awarded depending on level using the tools provided in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Levels are not listed below, but all characters are leveled to stay within at least two levels from the most experienced PC. Characters which have not participated for at least five episodes are not listed. Alignments are limited to any except Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Evil. Alignments are posted as follows: Lawful Good LG, Neutral Good NG, Chaotic Good CG, Lawful Neutral LN, Neutral N, Chaotic Neutral CN.

Alorotom Applewhite [Donny]

Human male chaotic neutral fighter 9

Alorotom is an associate of Bilar Saglot and joined the Silver Blades after he was freed to bugbear capture.

Arianna Bluesteel [Leigh]

Human female chaotic good crusader of Kord 20

With an unscrupulous upbringing, the crusader known as Arianna made a divergent life change when she accepted Kord as her deity. She has since become a religious force, epitomizing Kord’s strength and power. This is evident in the dreams and visions she has received, guiding her along the path she has chosen. She also has the tendency to spend days alone, and many times doesn’t remember where she has been. Arianna has taken responsibility for Hennet, a young man who has recently found religion in his life and is a newly ordained cleric of Kord.

Cartu Caskwound [Jerry #1]

Human male chaotic good fighter 6

Cartu's family was enslaved and killed by goblins when he was just a child. Escaping his captors with his father’s longsword, he hid the weapon in a keep near Pollspire. Fifteen years later, Cartu returned to find his property and know seeks out the goblin tribe to exact revenge. Cartu retired from adventuring to help administer the daily operation of the barony of Yorkwater.

Corenathin Downspire [Korie]

Killoren male chaotic neutral druid 13

Corenathin is an associate of Magnus, and is looking to join all druids of Gantana together peaceably. He is working with the Silver Blades in order to track down the mysterious green-haired druid

Koronae Epiales [Korie]

High Elf male true neutral sorcerer 6

Koronae came to the Silver Blades about the same time as Lilith Grace, looking for adventure and ways to increase his revenue. He was taken under his wing by Tharin, and encouraged in the finer ways of magic on how to become a greater tactical presence on the battlefield. Often times, when the rest of the Silver Blades are out enjoying a night on the town, he remains in his room practicing his alchemical arts. He left the party in order to research more.

Kasandra Evenbrook [Allison]

Human female chaotic good ninja 2/fighter 8/barbarian 1/bear warrior 2

Kasandra is an aggressive warrior, who fights for her own agenda. She prefers the second-line of defense when the Silver Blades get into a battle.

Cho Ghu [Brett]

Half-Orc male neutral good barbarian 2

As the illegitimate son of the baron of Shirament, Cho Ghu does not respect authority. Still, he has proven a competent warrior for the Silver Blades. As he is scorned by both of the races he comes from, Cho Ghu tends to show up in various spots around the duchy, continually searching for a certain half-elf maiden he shares a kindred spirit with.

Lilith Grace [Kelli]

Half-Elf (high elf) female true neutral ranger 18

As the main scout of the Silver Blades, Lilith’s tracking prowess has become invaluable to the group when traveling overland through the Grand Duchy of Valderin. She is just as deadly with her longbow and her use of hit-and-run tactics. Her main vice is her addiction to gambling, as she seeks out high-dollar or low-brow establishments to toss dice and play cards.

Joran Ironarrow [James D. ]

Human male chaotic neutral beguiler 1/warlock 1/dragonfire adept 18

Perhaps fortune smiled upon Joran, as business in Yorkwater prevented him from taking an initial ill-fate expedition to Castle Alderman in the Galunid Forest. Instead choosing to tag along with the Silver Blades, he became a member and helped avenge his friends’ deaths. Joran gets his curiosity about magic items from his uncle, who lives in Saltmarsh, and usually uses whatever funds he can scrape together to purchase non-standard items from various merchants.

Edgar Koribayed [Jason]

Human male chaotic neutral binder 20

Son of a man whose name is reviled throughout most of the empire, Edgar Koribayed is one of the progeny of Santo Koribayed and seeks to find the truth behind his father’s family line. One of his first acts in the duchy was to save an enslaved knoll named Alwug, who has become his steadfast companion and battle brother. As Edgar has traveled through Valderin, he has met many individuals who respond to his name with a mixture of fear, disgust, and awe. With his persuasive demeanor, Edgar is the current leader of the Silver Blades.

Arthos O’Connol [Jerry #3]

Human male chaotic good cleric of Kord 8/warpriest 12

Magnus is trying to gain fame for his family name, and has traveled from Greyhawk to Gantara to do so.

Magnus O’Connol [Jerry #2]

Human male chaotic good rogue 9

Magnus is trying to gain fame for his family name, and has traveled from Greyhawk to Gantara to do so. He is now an NPC follower of his brother, Arthos.

Omega [James B.]

Warforged male true neutral warblade 20

Omega was created in the Forge of Hightower, intended to be a Warden of the Red Star. His different views on law and good removed him from the process, and now he affiliates himself with the Silver Blades. Omega is usually the main point of attack during combat, putting himself in harm’s way to spare the rest of the party any damage. These tactics once led to his death at the hands of an athach, but he was later raised and returned to the group.

Tharin Overkill [Joe]

Human male neutral good duskblade 7/warlock 11

Tharin is a man without a country, let alone a heritage. Having memories of only a couple weeks before the campaign started, he has wandered throughout Valderin looking for information about where he comes from. His only clue is the unique inscription upon his back. Later events allowed him to come to realize he was not born, but created by a man named Adimarch Verbane. Subsequently, this led to his demise at the hands of Vosler Truemper, who has more in common with Tharin than any other person. Being recently resurrected, Tharin continues to seek Verbane to put the missing pieces together.

Pippen Riverstride [Andrea]

Lightfoot Halfling female chaotic neutral rogue 4

Pippen was one of the original party members captured by the Blood Mast pirates. She stayed on with the Silver Blades as a way to obtain more riches through her locksmith services, as well as her stealth.

Ruin (Zander Shadetouch) [Adam]

Whisper Gnome male chaotic neutral rogue 6

Although his real name is unknown to most for personal reasons, Ruin has joined the Silver Blades, regardless for his lack of fondness for humans. His primary motivation is to seek out his sister, Arya, who was kidnapped by human slavers seven years ago. His desire to find his sister goes hand-in-hand with his desire for treasure, and has been known to associate himself with various Thieves’ Guilds across the duchy.

Bilar Saglot [Russell]

Lightfoot Halfling male chaotic neutral sorcerer 7/wizard 3

Alorotom is an associate of Bilar Saglot, and joined the Silver Blades after he was freed to bugbear capture.

The Silver Blades

Mercenary company (chaotic good)

What started out as wandering adventurers, the group turned into a bastion of hope when Valderin was threated by Damlegan Gault and the Ophes-treum.

Ivy Sparkletoes [Jennifer]

Human female chaotic neutral druid 19

Ivy suffers from amnesia of her childhood, having been raised by human parents. As she has grown, an irrational fear of undead has become more pronounced. At the outset of her life, she engaged in criminal activity before changing her perspective on life and focusing more on the aspects of nature.

Orcraft Strack [Korie]

Mountain Dwarf male chaotic good barbarian 6

Alorotom is an associate of Bilar Saglot, and joined the Silver Blades after he was freed to bugbear capture.

Vhandreal Vhaldrine [Forrest]

Human male chaotic good beguiler 8/nightmare spinner 2

Vhandreal lives out his dream as a mountebank with the Silver Blades at his back. His current deception is claiming to be an elf bard, wearing prosthetic ears to complete the ruse. His beguiler abilities only amplify his natural charm, allowing him to usually get what he wants. Vhandreal’s persuasive abilities were greatly used in allowing the Silver Blades to clear their names, and capture the parties responsible for the trouble.

Alorotom Applewhite by Tom Rhodes, Arianna Bluesteel by Ekaterina Burmak, Cartu Caskwound by Sebastian Ariza, Corenathin Downspire by Sammy Khalid, Koronae Epiales by Taisa Kislova, Kasandra Evenbrook by Wayne Reynolds, Cho Ghu by Wayne Reynolds, Lilith Grace by Wendy N. Wagner, Joran Ironarrow by Ertaç Altınöz, Edgar Koribayed by Edgar Sánchez Hidalgo, Arthos O’Connol by Ellirh Shaan, Magnus O’Connol by Ellirh Shaan, Omega by Tamás Patkós, Tharin Overkill by Wayne Reynolds, Pippen Riverstride by Kalervo Oikarinen, Ruin (Zander Shadetouch) by Tanya Sangsnit, Bilar Saglot by Wayne Reynolds, The Silver Blades by James Bates, Ivy Sparkletoes by Nathan Park, Orcraft Strack by Edgar Sánchez Hidalgo, Vhandreal Vhaldrine by Caio Santos

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