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Free Quebec

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with characters trying to fight against the armies of the Coalition States and other threats to the Free State of Quebec. All players will choose their own O.C.C. with mecha assigned by the GM; everyone will start with a Quebec Military "Violator" SAMAS. Humans are the only race allowed, to mitigate the issue with xenophobia. Experience points are awarded based on game play, not just killing enemies. Levels are not listed below, but all characters should stay in a familiar grouping. Alignments are limited to any non-Evil alignments. Alignments are posted as follows: Principled PRI, Scrupulous SCR, Unprincipled UNP, Anarchist ANA.

Blue Fox Squad

Free Quebec elite SAMAS wing (scrupulous)

Audentes Fortuna Juvat ("Forturne Favors the Brave") this group included PCs, with Cpls. Hortaléz & Kaminski.

Corporal Pierre Corbin [Mark]

Human male scrupulous RPA pilot 3

Call-sign "Odd Job", he was orphaned at an early age, he fights for his home of Quebec.

2nd Lieutenant Laura de Wilde [Gloria]

Human female scrupulous military specialist 3

Call-sign "Spike", she is a take charge officer who fully supports Rommel.

Sergeant Travis McGwire [David]

Human male unprincipled special forces 3

Call-sign "Blackjack", McGwire is actually an operative for Quebec Military Intelligence Corps.

1st Lieutenant Heinrich Rommel [J.D.]

Human male anarchist RPA pilot 3

Call-sign "Dodger", Rommel is leader of Blue Fox Squad; an opportunist who thinks before acting.

Blue Fox Squad by RPG Dynamite, Corporal Pierre Corbin by Zdenek Sasek, 2nd Lieutenant Laura de Wilde by Luca Oleastri, Sergeant Travis McGwire by Zdenek Sasek, 1st Lieutenant Heinrich Rommel by Zdenek Sasek

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