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Revenge of the Lich

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign was a plot-base story line that was character-driven by the actions of the party. In order to add a new concept to the campaign, players had the option of running one or two characters simultaneously. This concept would allow for a primary PC and a secondary PC, with the hope of allowing players to play whatever main character class they desired while contributing with support characters that every well-rounded party needs. Only a handful of players chose to go this route, while many started with two PCs, but later chose to downsize back to one primary character with which they could focus the energies upon. All non-evil alignments were available.

Players who were regular attendees to the campaign attained level 19-20. While many participated, only the characters who played at least 5 game sessions are listed below.

Items Some Consider To Be Unnatural


Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

The weapon is a +3 vorpal longsword. The sword has runes on both sides of the blade, with a aquamarine gemstone set into the pommel. The hilt is made of horn, wrapped in black leather.