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Free Quebec

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Important NPCs for Free Quebec

There are several NPCs who are important to the Free Quebec campaign. These characters have a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters as reoccurring opportunities to move the plot along or distinct personalities which left an impression upon the players.

Staff Sergeant Jacob Anderson

Human male unprincipled Free Quebec technical officer 3

an official (Rommel) and unofficial (McGuire) resource for the right tool or contraband.

Captain George Barachois

Human male aberrant (former Coalition States) military specialist 6

after taking over Forillon in the name of Nouveau-Quebec, his DH Transport enabled a call for martial law.

Major Samuel Carpenter

Human male scrupulous Free Quebec RPA pilot 6

Call-sign "Lefty", as commander of Yankee Company SAMAS, it's his responsibility to keep Blue Fox in line.

Colonel John Decker

Human male scrupulous Free Quebec military specialist 9

as commander of the Fort Valjean Recce, he coordinates his Glitter Boy forces with SAMAS squads.

Gerald & Tomas Gagnon

Human male miscreant smugglers 3

crime runs in the family, no matter what multiverse they exist in, henchmen to Johnny Redcap.

Major James Hanelin

Human male aberrant Free Quebec special forces 5

base liaison for Le Surete du Quebec (national security agency), send teams for mission assignments.

Corporal Leonora Hortaléz

Human female anarchist Free Quebec RPA pilot 2

Call-sign "Hemlock", assigned to Blue Fox squad, she is more known for her off-base exploits than battlefields.

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Javert

Human male aberrant Free Quebec special forces 8

operations officer for the Quebec Military Intelligence (QMI), and special contact for Sgt. McGuire.

Corporal Chas Kaminski

Human male scrupulous Free Quebec RPA pilot 2

Call-sign "Thumper", assigned to Blue Fox squad, he is willing to do the grunt work for his team.

Victor Kuryak

Human male aberrant rogue scholar 5

former member of the Church of Holy Fire, he found Nouveau-Quebec with the opportunity to rule on his own.

Sergeant David Leason

Human male unprincipled Free Quebec cyborg soldier 3

Call-sign "Cowboy", although he is encased in an Imprimer class cyborg system, this "native" of C.S. Lone Star still enjoys sporting a cowboy hat to make sure "folks don't mistake him for another borg."

Red Wolf Squad

Free Quebec elite SAMAS wing (scrupulous)

in constant competition with Blue Fox, this group is led by Lt. West and brings glory to the free citizens of Quebec.

Johnny Redcap

Human male diabolic shifter 5

irrational and evil, his corruption includes necromancy and secretly selling demon-possessed power armor.

Annuler Retour

Human male aberrant vagabond 3

tired of struggling to exist, he connect with Nouveau-Quebec and looks to obtain real power for himself.

1st Lieutenant Ryan West

Human male scrupulous Free Quebec RPA pilot 3

Call-sign "Hoover", he is the leader of Red Wolf squad, but grates at how Rommel succeeds while skating over protocol.

Staff Sergeant Jacob Anderson by Stjep Lukac, Captain George Barachois by Mohamed Saadar, Major Samuel Carpenter by Ekaterina Kurenkova, Colonel John Decker by Leizy Zet, Gerald & Tomas Gagnon by Yvan Quinet, Major James Hanelin by Alastair Duncan, Corporal Leonora Hortaléz by Alastair Duncan, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Javert by Rex Salazar, Corporal Chas Kaminski by Vincent Lefevre, Victor Kuryak by Alastair Duncan, Sergeant David Leason by Anna Kazantseva, Red Wolf Squad by RPG Dynamite, Johnny Redcap by Joana Rita Gomes, Annuler Retour by Sebastian Ariza, 1st Lieutenant Ryan West by Luca Oleastri

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