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Justice, Not Law

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven, character-driven story line with characters deciding to use their abilities to take matters into his own hands, when the law does not. They do not need to wait for approval and effectively answer to no one. When a problem arises, they rise to the occasion and engage the situation, often to the chagrin of the local authorities. All players will choose their own O.C.C. with character-created backgrounds to flesh out their characters. Experience points are awarded based on game play, not just killing enemies. Alignments are limited to any non-Evil alignments.

Chris Cage [James]

Male human scrupulous experiment 6 with alter physical structure: fire

As a former FBI agent assigned to the Houston branch of the Violent Crimes division, Cage made a name for himself in law-enforcement circles quickly attracting G.A.I.A.'s attention. On his first mission with the new agency, he was doused by an experimental fuel during a G.A.I.A. raid, and he now changes into living flame. Worried his new abilities would change his career path, Cage connected with others individuals who felt the need to act above the law.

Zoe Ciccone [Leigh 2]

Female human anarchist mutant 6 with intangibility

gaining her powers investigating illegal power sources, with Intangibility, she phases through trouble. Zoe works as private investigator in Houston, with a high record of success digging up information.

Sebastian Cord [Mark]

Male human scrupulous mutant 3 with magnetism

Sebastian work as an assistant manager at Gearman Automotive, Engineering & Fabrication, using his powers of magnetism to assist in his work.

Daniel "Cyric" Corvin [Joe]

Male human unprincipled Nightbane 5

UNP male Nightbane; escaping his Earth from Nightlord destruction, Cyric appears with dire warnings. Known in his Morphus as Cyric, Daniel inadvertently entered this dimension when his Mirrorwalk from the Nightlands intersected a rift.

Wilbur Flannigan [Jerry]

Male human scrupulous mutant 4 with supernatural strength

bound to wheelchair, his power can change him into a supernatural monolith. Wilbur is a currently a freshman at Rice University, hiding the fact that when using his Supernatural Strength, his body goes through a distinct metamorphosis.

Floyd Foster [Shannon]

Male human scrupulous latent psionic 5 with precognition, telekinesis (super), and telepathy

UNP male Latent Psionic; UH college student, multi-linguist, & fan of MMA, his psionics are his best attribute. Most commonly used abilities are Precognition, Telekinesis (Super), & Telepathy. Floyd is currently senior at Rice University, specializing in Cultural Studies.

Brian Gearman [Brett]

Male human scrupulous electronics genius 4 with a vehicle-transformable exoskeleton

piloting a 1970 Datsun 510 transformable mecha, he provides the artillery. Brian uses an automobile body and repair shop as a front for his technical lab, where he spends his days tinkering with his creations. Pilots vehicle-transformable exoskeleton

Don Julio Gonzalez [Patrick]

Male human unprincipled mystic study 3

Don Julio originates from Brazil, and is a close confidant of Isis Jones.

Isis "Shocklate" Jones [Julie]

Female human unprincipled experiment 3 with energy expulsion: electricity and super vision: x-ray

Energy Expulsion: Electricity, Super Vision: X-Ray, Telekinetic Force Field. Also known as "Shocklate", Isis is a former soldier who washed-out after participating in an experimental meta-human program. She is now in the Houston-area looking adventure and opportunity.

Sarah Marshall [Leigh #1]

Female human unprincipled mutant 2 with teleporation

Sarah worked as a private investigator in Houston. She died instantaneously when unsuccessfully attempting to teleport into an unseen area, but instead materialized inside a solid object.

Mary Jane Peterson [Andrea]

Female human scrupulous mutant 6 with invulnerability

SCR female Mutant; born beautiful & Invulnerable, she uses her executive position at Google to track criminals. Mary Jane is a successful vice president at the Houston branch of Google.

Brock Samson [Jason]

Male human principled super soldier experiment 6 with increased agility and uncanny accuracy

disaffected with military black-ops, he chooses to bring criminals to justice with the F.B.I. Increased Agility, Physical Transformation, Uncanny Accuracy, with Healing Factor. Brock is the result of a black-ops military program called Project Prometheus. His assignment is to find and assess the current meta-human population in Houston. Brock is the result of a black-ops military program called Project Prometheus. His assignment is to find and assess the current meta-human population in Houston.

John Smith [Adam]

Male human scrupulous enchanted object 1 with alter physical structure: sand

Alter Physical Structure: Sand. John works as the head curator of the new completed Houston Museum of Natural History.

Chris Cage by Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Zoe Ciccone by Martin Malchev, Sebastian Cord by Leizy Zet, Daniel "Cyric" Corvin by Alexandra Albu, Wilbur Flannigan by Eduardo Bromhbley, Floyd Foster by Hiroyuki Nakazumi, Brian Gearman by Jakub Jagoda, Don Julio Gonzalez by Damai Mikaz, Isis "Shocklate" Jones by Jason Frank, Sarah Marshall by Ekaterina Kurenkova, Mary Jane Peterson by Yvan Quinet, Brock Samson by Kris Flare, John Smith by Pedro Luis Palencia

All artwork falls under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.