Rules and Redundancy for

The Kaldor Chronicles

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House Rules


  • Although the rules utilize hex grids for combat, square grids can also be used with the same rules.

Talking During Combat

  • Talking is a free action, but monologues are not.


  • Rather than repeat dialogue every player has heard, PCs and NPCs can “Wah” each other information to streamline gameplay.

  • The “wah” refers to the odd sound made by the teachers in the Charlie Brown television series. Most of the Peanut’s characters usually looked up while the teacher spoke and replied “I understand”.

Campaign Redundancy

  • Berilik Balm (Potion): A thick, oily red paste made from a healing herb and stored in a squat red clay jar. This mucilage is known to be both disinfectant and a good painkiller; called Ichor of Agrik in Agrikan. The paste reduces the pain from an injury (injury penalty). It deadens the pain from a minor wound for 4 hours, or from a serious wound for 2 hours. It also halves the chance for an open wound to become infected.

  • Tirrala’s Pillow (Potion): A brown paste tightly wrapped in a bundle of cured leaves that gives a bonus Healing Roll on all injuries after one whole day of sleep.

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