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The Kaldor Chronicles

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Player Characters

The main function of this campaign is a plot-driven story line with character just trying to survive the harsh environment when away from civilization. At the outset of the campaign, each player will start with one character. All players will roll randomly on the background charts for up to three opportunities to determine which path their character might take. Disadvantages for additional points will also be rolled, but once dice are tossed, the results are final. Humans are highly recommended as Kaldor is not known for its non-human folk; save this for when playing Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike other level-based campaigns, a level "floor" is unavailable as skill increases stem from actual game play.

Celene of Serdica [Carol]

Human female farmer with a mushroom addiction and pyrophobia

a novice scout who loves explore

Jonathan Hemlock of Bidow [Jason]

Human male mercantyler with pyrophobia

shrewd with numbers, but silver-tongued in persuasion

Leilani of Orenda [Leigh #1]

Human female beggar with kleptomania

everything she steals goes to "The Patch", currently missing

Lemmywinks of Chym [Brett]

Human male toymaker

very talented but can be eccentric, often blamed for Leilani's antics, thought to be dead

Francis Todd Light of Tonot [Tommy #2]

Human male miller with sex mania

creates craft mead in the off-season, devastating with a pike

Lilibeth of Xendume [Leigh #2]

Human female fisherwoman

first woman of Tonot enter into the Fishermen Guild, deadly with a bow

Lucian of Tonot [Joe]

Human male weapons maker

every soldier in northern Kaldor knows of his skill in crafting the perfect weapon for them

Atilius Merek [James B.]

Human male gladiator with ballistophobia

his arena name is Marcus of the Wigsplitter

Ingrid Moldable [Kelli]

Human female Viking with kleptomania

a former spear maiden taken from home, fearless in battle

Sir Harcourt Fenton Mudd [James D.]

Human male knight, left-handed with a fear of magic

Alorotom is an associate of Bilar Saglot, and joined the Silver Blades after he was freed to bugbear capture.

Satia-Mavari Ondarn [Tommy]

Human male shek-pvar with albinism

shunned by his farmer family, he returned to Kaldor a master of magic

Jack Ravensworth [Mike]

Human male pimp with colorblindness

with his girl Cinnamon, he looks to collect secrets as well as coin

Sir Arsen Stury of Jedes [Brad]

Human male knight with bulimia & sex mania

bulimia & sex mania; a stalwart companion for Sir Harcourt with an even temper

Celene of Serdica by Joana Rita Gomes, Jonathan Hemlock of Bidow by Tommaso Galmacci, Leilani of Orenda by Sasha Leafz, Lemmywinks of Chym by Tommaso Galmacci, Francis Todd Light of Tonot by Tommaso Galmacci, Lilibeth of Xendume by Sasha Leafz, Lucian of Tonot by Tommaso Galmacci, Atilius Merek by Tommaso Galmacci, Ingrid Moldable by Tommaso Galmacci, Sir Harcourt Fenton Mudd by Tommaso Galmacci, Satia-Mavari Ondarn by Tommaso Galmacci, Jack Ravensworth by Tommaso Galmacci, Sir Arsen Stury of Jedes by Tommaso Galmacci