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The Kaldor Chronicles

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Important NPCs of Kaldor

There are several NPCs who are important to HârnMaster. Each has a unique relationship with the PCs; some are allies, some are antagonists. Each NPC has a clear motivation which impacts motivations in the campaign. While all NPCs allow for the flavor of any campaign, only the NPCs listed below have had a clear impact upon the characters.

Earny of Smesel

Human male pimp

a former sailor turned bouncer, he ran a mobile brothel, treating his employees/slaves violently. Killed by the PCs in Yaltako.

Marilyn of Tyne

Human female prostitute

assistant to Miller Light, but property of Earny of Smesel, but freed by the PCs when Earny and company was slain.

Baron Uthris Pierstel

Human male baron of Tonot

A renowned warrior who enjoys hunting and fighting. He is an uncouth and obstinate man of little patience.

Dafyd Stahlman

Human male soldier

guilty of Morgath worship and the attempted murder of Sir Reynia of the Tonot Lady of Paladins temple. Hanged by Baron Pierstel.

Tarwal of Arcyen

Human male traveling peddler

Under the sway of Gashrul’s Blade in Falkath, he abducted Seld of Wylsen’s eldest son, Kial. Hanged by Baron Pierstel.

Sir Mayald Vobenor

Human male bailiff of Falkath

on his mother’s side, he is a distant relation of Earl Curo. This knight is a bitter man with a pronounced limp.

Earny of Smesel by DALL-E, Marilyn of Tyne by Tommaso Galmacci, Baron Uthris Pierstel by Oki Priyadi Rustana, Dafyd Stahlman by Tommaso Galmacci, Tarwal of Arcyen by DALL-E, Sir Mayald Vobenor by Tommaso Galmacci

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