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As I say at the beginning of all my RPG episodes, "When Last We Met..."

Welcome to my role-playing website of campaign concepts and adventures. This website is created to chronicle many of the campaigns I have game mastered. All of this is part of what I call the MGMC: Mitchell Gaming Multiverse Continuum.

Not every single adventure I have run is listed here, as several of my one-shot escapades are missing. However, I have posted every campaign that lasted at least five game sessions, and I hope this website can be used as a reference for those who I have tossed dice with and any visitors who are looking for inspiration for their own campaigns.


2024 Marvel Super Heroes "Super Pets", Episode 2

2023-2024 Deadlands SWADE "Ghost Rock Reckoning" campaign through 40 episodes.

2023 Marvel Super Heroes "Super Pets", Episode 1

2020-2021 Dead Reign "COVID-Z" campaign through 30 episodes.

2016-2019 Dungeons & Dragons 5e "Sins of the Past" campaign through 100 episodes.

2016 Marvel Super Heroes "Earth-CC" campaign through 10 episodes.

2011-2013 Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e "Cursed Earth" campaign through 100 episodes.

2008-2009 Heroes Unlimited 2nd ed. "Justice, Not Law" campaign through 34 episodes.

2005-2008 Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e "Sins of the Past" campaign through 100 episodes.

2002-2003 Heroes Unlimited 2nd ed. "Full Circle" campaign through 60 episodes.

2000-2001 Rifts "Free Quebec" campaign through 10 episodes.

1999 FUZION homebrew "Gothic Fuzion" campaign through 10 episodes.

1998-1999 Bubblegum Crisis "Bubblegum Cartel" campaign through 10 episodes.

1998 Champions FUZION "The Sentinels" campaign through 10 episodes.

1997 Champions FUZION "City of Heroes" campaign through 10 episodes.

1996-1997 Robotech "Raiders of the Gulf" campaign through 10 episodes.

1996 Robotech "Invid Invasion" campaign through 10 episodes.

1994-1995 Robotech "Wyvern Squadron" campaign through 10 episodes.

1992 Star Wars "Fortunes of War" campaign through 10 episodes


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